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Breast feeding and expressing

I am a new mum and would like some advice/ tips from others. I am solely breast feeding at the moment, my little girl is only 16 days old. As it is getting closer to Christmas me and my partner would like an evening out to relax without baby. I was thinking of expressing some milk so others can feed her when in am not there. I keep reading even if I express into a bottle for her feed I will still need to express again as if it's her feed time. (Every 4ish hours) is this correct? I would only express a bottle every now and then, rare occasions when me and partner want an evening out and don't want to worry about getting back in time to breast feed. I have read if I start expressing then the supply of breast milk may start to become less?? And that I should wait till 6-8 weeks before even thinking about starting to express so my milk is fully established. I am very confused about it all. - can I combine the 2 without having to worry about a 4 hourly routine, express or feed.. - when does the milk become fully established? - when is the best time to start expressing? I don't have work to worry about. 6-8 weeks?? - will it be possible for me and my partner to have a evening, day or even a weekend away and leaving expressed bottles? Any tips, advice, help with be very much appreciated!


  • Sorry I didn't see this earlier. How'd it go? It's recommended to wait until 6 weeks but sometimes they can be ready for it earlier. I was going to an all day hen do for 1 of my best friends (who I was then bridesmaid for) at 5 weeks & left expressed milk for her to drink. I still had to express throughout the day whilst out but pumped & dumped (was awful to do) but couldn't keep it cold enough whilst out. After the wedding I stopped expressing for awhile which I regret as my daughter then took a lot of convincing to start taking the bottle of expressed milk again.

    I would recommend expressing at the same time every day (for me it was in overnight then 1st thing in the morning when my daughter started sleeping through) & keep a stash in the freezer. You can keep it in the freezer for 6 months. Then give a bottle regularly (maybe 1 evening a week) so that your baby will take it for the occasions that you want them to.

    & yes, at or around feeding time you'll want to express again, especially in the early weeks. But no, if you continue to do this regularly it shouldn't effect your supply.

    Good luck

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