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Maternity bras?

So I am currently 9 weeks today and have noticed my breasts feeling bigger/heavier/fuller. I have been wearing vest tops with in built bras and sports type vest tops which have been a godsend so far.

When do I need to go and get myself a maternity bra and where is the best place to get one? I have googled how to measure yourself and there are so many different ways I am getting results from a 34C (one band size bigger my pre pregnancy size!) to a 38E!

Do I have to get maternity bras or can I just get some none wired ones from Matalan etc?



  • I've been wearing normal bras, I went up from a 34b to a 36dd/38e in the first 3/4 months but just brought some nursing bras in a 36dd they're very comfy but not wearing them till had bugs. I'm not ready to stop wearing my nice bras yet lol. Wen I hit measured she said normal bras are still fine as long as they fit but maternity bras can help keep u comfy at night x

  • thanks for your reply. I went and found a sports bra type thing in asda for £6 each. Hopefully, theyll do the trick image

  • Hey MrsW, I've got 2 of those and they're so comfy and are ok to wear at night too when you get to that stage. I've also got some maternity bras but only everyday ones (not the ones with drop down bits) that I got from M&S as my other ones just don't fit. They measured me and I'm happy with how they do it and will be going back there when I need some proper nursing ones. I trust them at M&S and got measured there a couple of times during my last pregnancy. In my opinion the bras are reasonably priced as you can get twin packs so work out well. They last well too if you're planning on having other babies x

  • I'm wearing a drop cup nursing bra now it's soooo iiittcchhhyyyy x

  • I will defo be off to M&S when the time comes. I watched a video on their site and the lady said you didn't have to wear maternity bras but I would like to get 1 or 2 when the time comes as I liked the unclip bit so you can breast feed.

    I have noticed already that when laying on my back and turning onto my side, my boobs seem to crush together and make me feel like my chest is imploding! So I will be wearing a vest top/sports bra to bed from now on lol

  • Tbh boobs get in the way lol, squashed mine the other night and then noticed that I had  leaked a bit on oh lol, we couldn't stop laughing as didn't expect it! Mine have gone from normal to so so painful and massive to itchy to just being in the way now but if they can do what they're designed for I'll be happy image xxx 

  • Just to report, the £6 sports bra type things from Asda are sooooooo comfy! And im now wearing a vest top to bed too lol image

  • Aww glad all is well. I agree, like I said I've got 2 of them and am still wearing them at 33 weeks xxx

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