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Hv popped round with info..

on sleep ect.  It said jake for his age should have 1 hour nap in the day and 11 at night!  Don't think he's had 12 hours for ages!  He had a nap today for 2.5 hours and woke at 2.30.  He was so kind and loving this afternoon, (lately a little monster!) We had dinner then bath and in bed at 8pm.  Only got out 3 times and then asleep.  Hope he sleeps well tonight and maybe sleep till 6am?  lol. xx 


  • Fingers crossed for you Marie image, hopefully he'll surprise you!!
  • Best of luck marie,it took riley ages to get into a good routine,his 31/2yrs and he setteled into bath and bed by 8pm and waking by 6:30-7ish for the past few mths now its nice.

    Againg best of luck and hope it works.

  • it amazes me as to where they get all this info from, isabel sleeps between 9 and 10 hrs at night with a couple of  wake ups sometimes but she naps for an hr or so but even when i try and cut her nap down she doesnt sleep more at night an is just grumpy! for us its wake up time no later then 6am usually but im used to it now!!
  • Its all on a national adverage,what ever and adverage child is i mean.
  • Fingers corssed for you Marie, hope he sleeps a little longer x

  • Hope he sleeps well for you, will keep my fingers crossed x x
  • Hope he sleeps well for you.

    I think it all depends on the child and they all need different amounts of sleep, Jessica sleeps 7.30 till 7.30 and has a 2hr nap in the day.

  • Thanks girls.  Jake woke at 5.15am today!  He got in our bed for a bit but he twiddles my hair.  Think I may be bald by the time he starts school!  Jake had no sleep today and fell asleep at 6pm.  Think that's his new waking time?  Hope that when we move and he starts playschool, that'll tire him out some more!  He has been a little monster this afternoon and wants everything to eat from the fridge!  xx
  • lol Marie he sounds just like Tate. He asked for food non stop if we are at home (like today) he didn't have a nap today but took himself off to bed at 4pm!!! He had an hour before dinner. Just got to get them in the bath now. Im exhausted, Terry has been at work now for 10days without a day off so i have to entertain them all day and do bedtime. Im going off the idea of another baby rapid!!!
  • Marie hope Jack lets you have a lie in tomorrow image
  • Marie, you are in good company!

    I am always up at 5am. I take Bronwyn into my dark bed in the hope that she will go to sleep but all i get is "oooooooooooooh" and other such baby words! Then she decides to bash the old heater that's at the end of the bed and make a right racket!

    Thus we end up watching TV by 5.15!

  • I to put the dvd's on the other morning in bed at 5am ish! Didn't work for long though.  Today Jake came into me at 3am, went back to sleep eventually but I was still awake at 4.30am!  Got to sleep then jake woke at 5.45am! He was asleep yesterday by 8.15pm and had 1.5hours nap at lunch time.  The day before woke at 4.30am!  He seems to be getting earlier!  Today he had 2hours sleep and woke at 3, asleep by 8.30pm!  I'm going to bed soon just to get the hours in!  Have told kev, he's up early on sun as i've done it all this week and i'm done in!  xx
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