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Early internal dating scan, views?

Hi, I'm thinking of booking in a dating scan for next week, I will be about 7weeks (had miscarriage 25th November but no period since) doctor says I may be less than that though because of miscarriage and irregular periods. With all my pregnancies I've had to have the 13wk scan internally cos I have a funny uterus or something! Do you think an internal this early (7wks if I am actually that) could cause a miscarriage? I've read so many different views, just wondered what people's experiences have been? Thanks Stacey xx


  • I wouldn't have thought so chick they wouldn't do them on the NHS if there was a massive risk. I had an internal scan at 8+5 x

  • Yeah I know they do do it, just been looking through some pages and people have said they think their miscarriages have been because of having and early internal scan and haven't been as far as they thought. I had one last January as I was spotting, and they r quite rough. The private scanning place scans from 7wks, but if they do it and I'm not as far as I thought, it should be OK? X

  • I had two internal scans before 12 weeks and asked of any risks. I was advised that it was completely safe when done by someone who is qualified so had no concerns x

  • I'm looking at going to first view imaging in Fareham, they have been around for years I had my sexing scan there 8yrs ago, even our hospital used them when they were moving the maternity units about so have a good reputation and its lovely there! Thanks x


  • I don't think there is any risk at all, I had two early internal scans with my first baby and I don't see how what they do could cause a miscarriage. Try not to worry xx
  • Stacey I have used first view many times for early scans. I think they are great there. I have had 5 miscarriages and 3 healthy pregnancy. The internal scans never caused me to miscarry the baby that I miscarried always measured really small when I was sure of my dates. Im currently 8 weeks and have had 2 internal scans and baby is doing great. Please try not to worry x

  • Thank you, I'm going to book for end of next week, should be just over 7weeks then x

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