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first pregnancy when did people feel baby move and kick properly and in day

hi all im 20 weeks 5 days today and just wondering when i will feel baby kick and move properly as i do worry as only seem to feel little movements at night or first thing in morning and isnt every night either unless i have a really chilled baby 


  • i think very soon you should start to feel it more maybe. Im 22.4 days and feeling kicks a lot now, but has only been over last week or so they been moving more and i got two in there!

    don't worry, am sure soon enough you Will no about it. this is also my first, x
  • i hope so as i do worry and actually cant wait to feel movements and kicks properly so you must of started feeling them more aroubnd 21 weeks then hopefully after saturday i will as thats when im 21 weeks just worries me as people say you should feel ithem from 18 weeks xx

  • It varies hun, starts off as very small flutters, then you feel movement quite down below (which I had about19/20 weeks) and then full on digs by about 22 weeks.  I was told I would feel movement sooner with my second baby but I don't think I have x

  • i do feel movements really low down according to my midwife should be anytime now i will feel proper movements and kicks will just take each day as it comes as at the 20 week scan on tuesday the woman said we have a very relaxed baby and shes 80 per cent its a girl but looking at my profile pic can tell its a girl 

  • hun i was 24 weeks with my first before i felt anything. it depends on your build where baby is and where your placenta is

  • I felt flutters round 16 weeks i think it was and then small kicks started at 19 weeks.

    Im 22 weeks tomorrow and my kicks this past week are starting to feel stronger but still quite low. Im hoping in the next week or two i'll start to feel them in a different place as only have a couple times. Some kicks can be that strong at times though they have woken me up before and another time it felt like her foot was going to come out lol.

    Im sure you will feel them soon though as every woman is different. Whats your bump like? I got told by a woman last week i look further then i am lol xx
  • my placenta is at the back im quite slim but short lol aww bet it feels amazing aww haleigh hope you feel kicks in different place in the next week or so aww i really cant wait to feel them true what they say every woman is different and so is every pregnancy my bump has been noticeable for a while now i just worry but glad to get the reassurance from here xx

  • I don't no where about's mine is. All my notes say is normal. I don't really ask a lot of questions either at the scans as the women are quiet and moody lol.

    Im forever worrying lol why i joined this as its nice to talk to mums and mums to be. My boyfriend gets fed up as i still tend to say well what if the scan woman was wrong about the sex. Theres still that 5% lol all my family think I'm being daft xx
  • aww haleigh i only know where my placenta is coz the woman said the other day i dont ask questions either at scans your the same as me forever worrying aww men hey lol my boyfriend had a feeling ours was a boy but wrong think he gets fed up as i keep saying theres defo no boy parts is there lol you seem lovely xx

  • You spend ages waiting impatiently for those first kicks, but then towards the end of your pregnancy you're wishing the little bugger would stop kicking you.  They can kick so hard it literally feels like arm arm or leg is going to pop out!!

  • thats probably how i will be lol aww i see your having a pink baby aswell when did you have your 2nd scan 

  • My boyfriend finely felt the kicks last night when we was in bed image was worried she would stop when his hand was there as she often does but he felt a couple big ones image xx
  • Second what Imcarre says, I feel like her foots going to fall out down below when she kicks me down there. Keep expecting to hear a bang and a gush of water, it's really unpleasant lol x

  • aww haleigh thats lovely news my little one seems to be active when boyfriend aint here lol or when im in bed on own how many weeks are you now xx

  • I had my scan on 20th December when I was 19+4 so that was a nice Christmas present.  I seem to have a lul now in anything happening as I don't have a mw appointment until 21st Feb, everyone keeps saying how quickly my pregnancy is going but to me it feels really slow, unlike my first which just flew by x

  • aww what a lovely christmas present i had my scan at 20 weeks 3 days and baby was very chilled and she said 80 percent girl since i found out im pregnant the weeks seem to be flying by ive got midwife on 12th feb but thinking about getting a 3d scan at some point 

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