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Hi all,

i had a scan yesterday and told the nurse i didnt want to find out what im having so she kindly said she wldnt look for it.

During scan i viewed what i thought was a potty shot , babies head is down legs in the air i could see the bum and legs but nothing in the middle no sign of willy and no sign of 3 white lines ?


  • she probaly tried to keep the angle so you couldnt see anything??

    also i couldnt see either and we had asked to be told. i think its a trained eye thing for the most part

  • Cheers Puddy,

    Just after yesterday im thinking girl i really dont mind either way but my hubby be overjoyed with a boy as had two girls from pervious relationship xxx

  • im having girl number 4 and i stayed team yellow for first 2 and found out for last 2 and honestly i couldnt see these 3 lines everyone says about lol.

    and trust me i looked. lol

  • LOL Its mad isnt it you get so obsessed as this is my 1st im going to leave it as a surpirse , best of luck puddy with your little bambino xxxx

  • I'm having a another girl and only ever saw 2 lines on my potty shots but no dinghy dangles either x

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