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telling kids a favourite person has died

My husbands Nanna died last night. She had been in hospital for a week with a stroke and pneumonia. She had got over the pneumonia and was back on the normal ward. We expected her to then get stronger and start to recover from the stroke. But she died it was a shock. My boys who are 4 and 2 saw her every week and absolutely adored her. They did some paintings for her the other day, made her cards etc. But they didn't get to see her. We had to tell them this morning. We simply said that she had gone to heaven. It was so hard. I cried, hubby cried and Ds1 sobbed. He said so i Will never see her again? He then asked what will happen to her house! Ds2 didn't get it. He just said he felt sad and ran off to play. The hardest thing we have ever done as parents. Xxx


  • So sorry for your sad loss hun. 

    Can't imagine how hard it must have been to have to tell your boys this sad news, especially as they are so young.

    Take care of yourself and your family, it's good that you have each other.

    Big hugs.


  • Sorry for your loss...

    Talking about such things, especially with children is so awful... You need to be strong, for your husband and children, they're gonna need you now.

  • So sorry for your loss and for this sad situation with telling your kids the bad news(( It's good you've found courage to tell them the truth that they won't see Nanna. We should always be honest with kids, because we don't have the right to betray their trust.

  • This is sad to here, sending much support your way. That must have terribly hard for you to do. At least you have the consolation that they had a great relationship with her when they had the chance.

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