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Sleeping issues in pregnancy


I am studying to be a maternity and child sleep consultant and am interested in hearing from pregnant women who are having problems sleeping for an assignment, Just wanting to understand what sort of sleep problems you may be having.


  • unable to get comfortable, needing a pee, unable to settle as your mind just doesn't switch off, baby jiggling about all night! X

  • definitely unable to get comfortable - back ache and hips and pelvis aching constantly so no matter which way you try and lay....some part of your body hurts!  Not had the constant peeing yet but am only 25 weeks so plenty of time to throw that in the mix!

  • Yeah turning over in bed is excruciatingly painful. having to do it in about 4 manoeuvres lol

  • All that plus odd dreams and waking up at 4 am every morning and not getting back to sleep
  • Very strange dreams , worrying if baby will be ok , round ligament pains , getting up to wee - still , waking up and not being able to get back to sleep til half hour before the alarm goes off , suppose it's getting us in practice for the sleepness nights ahead image x

  • That's so weird i woke up at 4am every morn with my first and have done this time too x

  • Ditto to all the above, pain in my groin too and turning over is so so painful! Back and hips go dead from lying in the same position for so long as it's so hard to turn over as obviously advised not to sleep on back during late pregnancy and can't sleep on tummy lol. Weeing all night, night sweats, very weird and scary dreams that something awful has happened to my baby, pregnancy really isn't all nice things but none of us would change it for the world as the end result is all that matters x

  • WOW!!! Thank you so much everyone. This is exactly what I am after. Keep the replies coming. wishing you some restful nights!x


  • The groin pain is unreal, like your bones are going to snap! Never felt oat like it in my life. I snore a lot at the mo too, sometimes I wake myself up lol x

  • Oh leg cramps and hands getting pins and needles! The 4 am thing happened with this one and last one but not my first two!
  • I have been getting real bad cramps n pins n needles in right hand and arm for ages, got my first leg cramps last night it was not nice x

  • tonic water and lots of it also up your calcium

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