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should i be worried

hi all im 22 weeks 4 days and only feeling movments from baba either at night or first thing in morning sometimes in the day just wondering is this normal or should i be concerned please help x


  • Hi yeah sounds normal, you won't notice a pattern till bubs is a bit bigger. They don't recommend counting kicks/movements till 28 weeks x

  • Definitely normal. Mine was exactly the same. I am only getting more regular movements now and I'm 32 weeks. These only started around 30 weeks. Don't stress, as long as you are feeling baby, all is well x

  • thank you for replies was worried abit defo do feel movements only when i said in top comment tho its hard not to worry when first pregnancy xx

  • I know what you mean shell!

    Last week i hardly felt as many kicks as i normally do but now this week shes back to kicking loads but still kicking low! Ive read its normal though so dont worry image im sure in another week or two you will feel kicks more and hopefuly wont be long before i feel mine higher image xx
  • ive felt baby move quite abit lately she has lazy days lol the other day tho when bf was on his lunch she was awake the whole time i still feel movements low down aswell little madam must of been very chilled yesterday but i was on my feet nearly all day xx

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