Talkback: Extreme morning sickness - one mum's story


  • I suffered HG in my first pregnancy, I am now 10+3 with my second and due to a very proactive GP and understanding family, friends and colleagues - this time the impact has been minimal. I am wearing sea bands all day and night (except in the shower) eating small snacks frequently and have been taking anti-emetics daily from 4 weeks. I too knew I was pregnant before the test as I felt sick from 2 weeks in. . . . There is light at the end of the tunnel, but don't suffer in silence, you have to accept help when offered and if you're body says rest then do it xx
  • I got diagnosis with HG at 5 weeks being rushed to hospital because my GP thought I was diabetic. Im now 34+3 still very bad sickness I haven't had a full nights sleep from week 1. Nothing works to keep it away. I can be fine for max of 3hrs then its back with full force. I have a disabled 6 yr old who I cannot care for/play with and it's breaking my heart. I jst hope it goes because im getting so worried that its had a mental impact on me
  • Hi nicola dearnley.So sorry to hear how bad your HG is. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. I really hope things improve soon and wish you all the best. x

  • Thank you so much for writing about your experiences. I've just be diagnosed with HG and it is such a relief to know I'm not alone.
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