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Headaches in pregnancy?

I rarely suffer headaches but they are the 1 pain that seems to cripple me. I have had headaches on Thurs, Fri and yesterday. They seem to kick in mid afternoon and seem to be when I'm feeling a little tired. I called my MW to ask about them (I also have a medical condition called Hydrocephalus which needs to be monitored through my pregnancy) and she said I could take paracetamol (hurrah! I didnt think you could) and drink plenty and make sure I am getting rest and to pop and see my gp. She said if it was later they would be concerned about pre eclampsia but its too early to for that (I'm 14+1)

I took pain relief and it seemed to ease. I slept like a log last night and saw my gp this morning - BP fine, pulse fine, eyes fine (although I am experiencing some floaters).

Anyone else have this in their second trimester and what did you do to combat it? I've been drinking plenty but this morning have filled a pint glass with cordial and have been sipping and will try and drink as much as possible. Also have bought some cereal bars to combat the mid afternoon tiredness.


  • Hiya , I have also been suffering with headaches , can usually ward them off with yoga techniques but they don't seem to be working atm so if I leave it I tend to find it gets worse so if hasn't gone within the hour I take a paracetemol n that usually sees it off , n drinking plenty helps too , have still gone off coffee  , get a bit bored with tea but have found a fruit tea I like , like raspberry leaf tea but that's a no go atm so have tried mango n strawberry - very nice !! good luck hun x x

  • Ive only had one major one through out my pregnancy so far. Was more like a migraine. Started at the front and lasted two days and ended up going to the back. Also on the first day my left eye had a fuzzy spot. I laid on that side and closed eyes for twenty mins and it went and hope it doesnt come back as wasnt nice. Ive avoided paracetamol throughout pregnancy as well x
  • Me too! Worst thing ever!

    Mine were due to low blood pressure, but they did disappear eventually!

    My midwife recommended the 4head sticks and cooling gel pads as well as paracetamol, regular food and lots of water.

    I hope yours disappear like mine did! Take care.

    xDx 20 weeks today!

  • Thanks for your replies girls. So far, no headaches today. But I have drunk at least 3 pints of cordial along with tea! 

  • Yes, me!! I didn't have any with dd but I had quite a few in the first trimester and subsequently in the last few weeks. I avoided paracetamol but had to take myself to the doc's after a week as it was excruciating. Turned out I had a sinus infection and had to take antibiotics.

    I drink a lot of water anyway when not pregnant so I think I'm getting dehydrated quickly as my body needs more than the average 2 litres
  • Ive drink maybe 4 pints of juice so far now as well as decaf tea and the headache is just starting up again image

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