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How is everyone feeling?

Hello Ladies, How are we all.

Im due around the end of september. Im around 8 weeks. Feeling OK had some cramping, sore boobs and have felt quite sick although not had any sickness. Ive seen my community midwife and now just waiting for my booking in appointment at the hospital - Ive booked a private scan for this weekend and praying everything is OK. x


  • Feeling crampy and more tired than usual but no sickness or nausea.  Sometimes dizzy when I stand up.  Much the same as I felt when expecting dd1 which is reassuring I guess. I'm due towards end September to.

  • Hi I'm 7 weeks and due on 27th sept. Having horrendous morning sickness, I got very dehydrated and weak over the weekend so I went to the out of hours dr who prescribed me anti sickness tablets. Feeling a bit better not vomiting anymore but still can't eat very much. So weak and finding it hard to do anything 

  • Morning ladies,

    I am 9+3 and due 13th September.  I am still feeling very tired and nauseous....I have only been physically sick 3 times but I am finding I am constantly gipping at the minute and yesterday I was constantly running to the toilet.  I think I would rather be physically sick as I am sure I'd feel better after but instead I just feel constantly sick.

    I have my dating scan 2 weeks today....can't wait image x

  • Well I have woken up with a horrendous cold and am achy and keep coughing up phlegm which is making me sick! 

    Feeling ill is overriding my pregnancy symptoms currently! 

    I have had sore boobs, exhausted, dizziness, feeling sick and constipation.

    I had a scan yesterday and hsve another booked in 2 weeks when I'm 9 weeks. Haven't heard from mw yet! Xx

  • Hi ladies, I'm a bit worried about the lack of morning sickness but I have slightly sore boobs and soooooooooo tired!! Got my 2nd early scan this Sat so fc should able to see a heartbeat this time.

    How did your scan go anxiousmummy? sorry you feel so yucky!


  • They saw the heartbeat and CRL was 9.5mm which apparently is ok for 7 weeks. Booked back in on 25th.

    Boobs are sore and been sick ALL day but not sure the cause! Morning sickness or this horrid cold! Xx
  • Hi I'm due end of sept about the 28th not feeling too bad very tired sore huge veiny boobs been crampy but sometimes more when I think about it been feeling sick but nothing so far but dod with the others till few more weeks yet then lasts a while (dd 39 weeks) got my booking in pn 25th of February & scan on 18th March which is only next month but feels like ages away x


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  • Had my early scan today all went well little heartbeat was seen CRL 12mm dated me at 7 weeks 3 days but said that may change on my 12 week scan as its quite early yet. So reassured after having it though. Hope your all well x

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