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Hi ladies,

I am 10 weeks today and have been thinking about buying a Doppler.  I wondered if anyone in the UK had one and if so which they had?  Is it any good and is it worth buying one?



Angela x


  • Hi

    I havent brought one although many of times ive wanted to but have been told by others to avoid as you may not find the right spot to hear the heartbeat and start to panic, sometimes you can think its the babies heartbeat when infact its not aswell.

    Also it says to not use them as often as it can be dangerous for the baby. Im a bit of a panicker so ive just avoided like others have said. Im now 26 weeks and 1 day and everytime i have a midwife appointment which is now every other week she will let me listen to it image

    But if you really want one ive heard the angel sounds doppler is wuite good and cheap. Argos has an offer on them all the time and also mothercare sell them although theres you cant hear the heartbeat until 20+ weeks. Search round on google and read the reviews image xx
  • i got a angel sounds one off of ebay i think i only paid six pound for it i didnt use it until i was about 14 weeks and only used it about once a week.

    you have to be careful as it can cause panick if you cant find the hb.

    i must say i started feeling my little one move early on and havent really used it since.

  • Hi huni i got one from Argos but couldnt pick any thing up till i was about 22 weeks, my mate has an angel sound one and she picked hers up at 14 weeks.

    i would wait till 16 weeks before using it, you can higher them off ebay or buy one off ebay like the one the midwifes use xx

  • i got mine off e bay. found heart beats at 10 weeks, if you are very patient image

    mine is brilliant, i use quite often, its reassurance, everyone different, i didn't get on with angel sounds much, so i got different one with speaker, shows you heart rate too, but this was 30.00 e bay. x
  • I am very tempted ladies, thanks for your replies! I have seen one on Amazon for 18.99 which has really good reviews.

    Hayleigh - i can totally understand where you are coming from re panicking if I cant pick a heartbeat up. The reason I am so half and half is because I have a scan on 25th and I think once I have that and see everything is ok I will relax but on other hand it means waiting another 8 weeks after that to see baby again. I dont want to use anything though if its going to hurt baby so I think I will do a bit more research first x
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