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Bleeding after labour

I had my 2nd baby almost 4 weeks ago and i'm still bleeding a bit. She was 5 weeks early but i dont think that should make a difference to bleeding.  I am sure first time round my bleeding had stopped after a couple of weeks.  Has anybody else bleed for this long?  Should i go to the doctor?


  • Hello, I had a section and I bled for ages, nearly 2 monthsimage didnothelp the anaemia! 


  • Mine was about 7 weeks last time

  • I had my third in september and also bled for a long time, it's nothing to worry about, just a nuisance xxx

  • I have three. Children, I bled for nine weeks after dd one 11 weeks after dd two and thirteen weeks after dd three. I was put on iron tablets as I was anemic. I had a c section all three times xxx

  • I'm on iron tablets for anaemia too, had my 2nd dd by c-sec 3 weeks ago today and am still bleeding. Think I bled for about 3-4 weeks after my first but went back on pill at 3 weeks x

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