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Really worried here ladies. I'll be 9 weeks on weds. Been full of a bad cold all weekend and had pains in my higher abdomen. I didn't think this was pregnancy related as it was quite high but on my right side and across to the centre of my tummy. I've seen my doctor today who thinks I may have gallstones I've git to have my bloods done tomorrow and he is arranging for an abdominal scan to confirm though I don't know when this will be yet. I'm really worried has anyone any experience of this in early pregnancy. 


  • I'm sorry I don't have any experience but didn't want to read and run.

    I have an ex friend who currently has gallstones and she has had them for months as she was told to lose weight before her surgery. This makes me infer that if they were gallstones u might be able to wait until after yr pregnancy before removal.. if they need it.

    Good luck. Fingers crossed it was just a sore bit and normal illness u just suffered xxx
  • My aunty had gallstones in pregnancy and successfully had key hole surgery to remove them x

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