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breast advice?

Hi i chose to bottle feed my son out of personal choice & was just wondering when my body will stop expressing milk. also at night time its becoming unbearable to sleep because my breast are so swollen and leaking Alot! Has anyone any advise on what i can wear at night to make it at least abit more comfortable as Im waking up with a soaked bra, pads & bed throughout the whole night & do you have any idea when my boobs will stop being so sore? Thanks Sx


  • How old is your lo and did u bf at all or did  he go straight on the bottle?  They say milk dries up quicker if it's not used as opposed to if you feed for a bit then stop. Mine is 4 weeks today, I stopped bf 2 weeks ago I still leak but only a bit, often more at night. I'm past the swollen stage x

  • He's only 5 days. He went straight onto the bottle i havent BF at all.

    No one warned me about this, so completely didn't expect it as i wasn't BF (naive i know) lol x
  • If you drink sage tea it will help dry up you milk supply, you can order pure sage off amazon or mixed with things in Holland and Barrett x
  • You should start to dry up soon then hun, have u tried cabbage leaves in the fridge then in ur bra? Nice hot bath and soak ur boobs in it lol x

  • My sister was given so pills as she went onto bottle from birth with both her little ones x

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