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how is everyone doing?



  • Is this the official due in August 2014 group ? I m due August 12th but keep posting on different threads when I google due in August 2014 baby expert . Confused,com . Hope you're all feeling well x
  • Hi  missdaisyday, due in aug is very quiet. I just reply to the thread people write on. We do have are own group with a list of due dates ect.

    Im feeling much better now the sickness has gone. How are you feeling?  X

  • Hi everyone! This is my first post. I am due august 26th with my fifth child. I have 4 girls aged 10, 7, 3 and 2. Hoping for a boy this time around!
  • Proudmom2 im due 20th August with number 4 I have 3 girls. I just know this baby is another girl. Will you find out the sex? Did you do anything different to conceive a boy? 

  • Hi ilovemygirls! Yes! I will most definitely be finding out the sex of this one! I can't wait to find out! Since I wasn't trying to get pregnant this time around we did nothing different. I was done at four but happy to be adding another bundle of joy to the family. Will you be finding out the sex of your baby? Are you hoping for a boy or another girl? No matter what the outcome they are all wonderful!
  • Hi everyone. Hope you're ok. I'm new to this August group. I was originally due in Sept based on my lmp but at my scan, they told me I am due 31 August. I'm currently hopping between boards, hope you don't mind image 

  • Proudmom im finding out the sex in 6 days at a private scan. Im so excited, I really don't mind what we have as long as it is healthy. Wow bet you were surprised when you found out that you were pregnant. 

    Hi Littlelettuce due in August is very quiet but there is a couple of us to chat with. Is this baby number 1 for you?

    I can not believe that due in November is already here. Our little babies are going to be here in no time x

  • How exciting Ilovemygirls! Be sure to let us know! I have awhile yet before I get to find out. I've had a couple dreams that I had a boy and my husband did as well. A sign maybe? Hahaha! Good luck and I hope your baby is nice and healthy!
  • Proudmom I will let you know how I get on at the scan. Hopefully your dream is a sign! When I was about 6 weeks pregnant and no one knew I was pregnant yet, my good friend who I hadn't seen in a while text me and asked if I was pregnant because she had a dream that I was pregnant with a boy! I was very freaked out lol x

  • Hello lovelies,

    Not long until you find out which team your on ilmg! My friend had a dream when I was pg with my dd too haha.

    Proudmom, our little bean is a surprise too. I've been having girl dreams this time, but I had boy dreams last time so maybe this one is a boy. Will find out in 5 more weeks, yay.

    Littlelettuce, is this your first baby?

    How has everyone been with the symptoms now we're into trimester 2? I'm still really nauseous and being sick, bleuegh! My back has started aching too, so every time I'm sat or in bed I have my ice pack on it. I'm feeling little movements (I think) so that's helping me to feel better :0)

  • Definitely feeling better but have lots of niggles- headaches, blocked ears, still but of nausea, restless legs. Been referred to physio for back. Have started feeling bit of movement! 17 weeks today!! X
  • Looby im so excited to find out on sunday. Poor you for still being sick, I hope it buggers off soon.

    Allie I have to have physio every time im pregnant due to pgp and it helps so much. Are you feeling little kicks or like a popping sensation? 


  • Little flutters mainly. Definitely had a lot more than usual last night! X
  • So yesterday I started to feel little kicks and could even see my skin moving from outside. Im so so excited now to start to feel the bigger movements x

  • Aah lovely! Can't wait to feel big kicks! X
  • Yay for proper kicks! I've been feeling some too, mostly when I get into bed at night. Love those little movementsimage

    Only 2 more weeks until we find out what team we're on, it's flying past this time! I felt like time stood still with my dd, haha.

    do any of you have holidays booked? We're booked to go to France with my hub's family (16 of us +bump these days) and it's a gorgeous country house we're staying in with private pool. BUT we drive there when I'm 36 weeks for 1 week... Still not made my mind up about going or not yet... We're also going to my brothers wedding in Newquay, so maybe 5-6 hours away when I'll be 39 weeks image As long as there isn't a medical reason not to obviously. Midwife has suggested missing it, but I can't imagine sitting here totally fine and not in labour knowing he's getting married. We're also off to peppa pig world in 3 weeks just incase we do miss the other 2 trips!

    Hope you're all ok xxx.


  • Hi looby do you have a gut feeling on the gender of the baby? My 20 week scan is on the 3rd april so will be double checking she is still a girl. 

    We have decided not to go on holiday this year with the baby coming but will do outings. We are off to pepper pig world in either april or may depending on when the weather is nice and might go over to the Isle of Wight. Was your dd early/late? If early I would give the wedding a miss x

  • I think we're having a girl now, but early on I thought boy. My bump looking similar to last time is all I'm basing that on, haha! Our 20 week scan is April 8th, so not too different to yours. Hope your scan goes ok and the first one wasn't wrong!

    DD came 2 days after her edd, but 4 days early by my dates. This time I've been moved a week on again, so my date is 5 days later than edd, hope that makes sense... We're going to see nearer the time, it's going into labour on the motorway that worries me, but Im confident we'd find a hospital. Famous last words?!?



  • We are going to Devon in 2 weeks. Also planning on going to Peppa Pig world in May and a few other day trips. I have no idea about gender! Have my 20 week scan on Monday but not finding out! X
  • Allie how did your scan go? Did you manage to stay team yellow? I can not wait for my scan now, to see how much she has changed since my 16 week scan. Im getting regular movements now and feel her a fair amount everyday X

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