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Pregnant and in scotland :-)

Hi ladies 

i thought id start up a new thread to see if there are any ladies local to me?

I Moved up to scotland last year and i must admit i have not made many new friends yet, my little boy is now 18 months old and iv taken him to a few groups but i just feel out of place.

I wont lie things would be easier if i was still living in devon, i lived there for over 10 years in the same place so all my school friends and work friends are all still down there.

Im in montrose which in its self is a nice place, but the flat i live in has brought me down big time and the little trouble we have had with the people upstairs has really knocked my confidance, i know it might sound silly but i do feel alone at times.

I keep saying i want this baby back down in devon, the 2 m/c i had last year the dundee hospital where amazing, caring and i cant fault them but the montrose maternity unit i felt let down by them big time! even this time when i called them last week to explain i was pregnant and it was the 3rd time i fell in a space of 8 months they didnt seem bothered, just offered a scan on the 17th which im happy about, i asked for bloods and they just said no point!

maybe things work different up here, just hoping i can find some new peeps on here that are local.

Iv made some very true friends on this site alone and they have been the biggest support ever xxx


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