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Is it my waters breaking??

So I have been bouncing on my gym ball for most of today, and as I stood up I've felt my Kim jam bottoms feel a little bit wet and a wet mark on the gym ball. When I went to the toilet I wiped and some more of my bloody show came away, so now I'm confused was it I just had a sweaty bum (haha) or are my waters 'trickling'??


  • How far gone are u?

    When waters break isint it meant to be one big gush?x
  • Im 40+2 weeks today and my midwife said that she was certain id be having my baby by the end of the week so I don't know whether im just wanting it too much.

    that's what I thought but my hairdresser told me about 2 weeks ago that hers was more of a trickle than a big gush so I don't know :S that's why im so confused.

    ive been getting tightening sensations but no actual pains and as this is my first I dont have a clue what to expect

  • Ahh i dunno then. Im pregnant also with my first so new to all this as well.

    Have you spoken to your midwife today about it?x
  • No but im thinking of texting her and seeing what she says because I don't want leave it too late if it is my waters

  • when my waters went it went with a hell of a gush, i was 41 weeks and they broke mine for me.

    I would call your midwife huni and just let her know xx

  • Yeah think its best to let her no to b on safe side x
  • Waters can go with a trickle or a gush depends on whether baby's head is plugging the hole or not. GL x

  • my waters broke intermittently which basically means id get a  a little trickle every five mins or so (about an egg cup full) and though i was just peeing myself lol i wa  already in hospital in labour so after the umpteenth visit to th  loo i  went  to the mw on the desk and said i keep peeing myself is this normal!!?? she said itll be your waters but i said i though u got a huge GUSH when ur waters broke. she said that is  a TOTAL myth and lead me to the loo where she said "giv  me ur pad" so i did and she sniffe  it (i was HORRIFIED haha) and she promptly said "yes deary thats your membranes" i was shoccked but excited and both sets of my water  went intermittently ( oth my hi d waters and my front waters) and i wouldn't have known if she didnt tell mme. apparently if its amniotic fluid it smells sweet and is clear and can sometimes be pinky but if it  red or brown black or green then go to hospital straight away as it could mean baby has passed meconium and could be distressed. i hope this is it for you hun  put a pad on and monitor anymor  loss. good luck image  xxxxx

  • tightening feelings are normal hun  an actual contraction will feel like a period pain that starts off mild builds up to a peak and then gradually fades to nothing. you WILL know when it's the real thing hunni, a mw said to me with  my first baby "if you say i THINK I'm in labour then you're probably not. as when you are you will be saying i AM in labour as it is incomparible to any braxtons hix or pregnancy twinge. i hope the fact you havent updated yet means you're holding your princes  now image  xxxxx

  • So the midwife said to wait over night to see if anything else happens.

    Through the night I've had back ache and period pains but nothing that has made me think ouch ouch ouch I'm in labour. Going put a pad on this morning and take a look in a couple of hours to see what's going on and will keep you updated image xx
  • ooooh it all sound  like it's starting to me hun, back ache and period pain are good signsimage some ladies have what is called "silent labour" where they don't really feel a great deal (it isnt rare but its more uncommon than a "normal progressive labour") you maybe on  of the lucky ones hun an  get away with feeling it much image if you were already a couple of centimetres dialted when she examined you last (had u had any pain  before this?) then you may well be progressing now. i wa  in two weeks slow labour with my first where id get irregular contractions but nonwater leakage and there could be an hour go by without a contractions at all then I'd get regular ones for anfe  days or hours but they never got stronger so i didnt realise  when it was actually happening as i just thought they would taper off like they'd done fore two weeks i was booke  in for induction as i was ten days late an  turned in full labour on admittal. three cm dialted and thats when my waters started to leak.  to put it in a nut shell it was NOTHING like i thought it was going to be / ie big water gush then contracttions etc xxxx

  • ill just keep checking up on it then!! im so excited now haha cant wait to see her little face =) fingers crossed this is the start and I don't have to wait too long to meet her xx

  • got everything crossednfor you hun good luck and deffo keep us posted xxxxx

  • Best of luck hun , exciting isn't it , my waters went with my 4th with just a little pop sound - just a little trickle , if I hadn't been in bed I doubt I would have heard the pop , went to get checked by midwife next morning , she said to go home but if nothing had happened within 24 - 48hrs to go back to be induced , dd was born the next evening , had to stay overnight to keep an eye for infection etc but all was fine , look forward to your update x x 

  • yes hun, if you get anymore leaking go to mw once id gone 18 hours without delivering but with no membranes there is a risk risk of infection so they put me on an iv drip of antibiotics just in case. xxxx

  • Quick update ladies...

    No more leaking that can be felt, back ache and period pain coming and going all morning but not like it was throughout the night, anybody else feel they go one step forward and two steps back?!? Totally don't know where I stand right now image xx
  • I went to get checked because I thought my waters were leaking the day I went into labour, mild contractions started at 6am & I had the same sort of sensation, they gave me an internal to check & it wasn't, apparently you can get a lot of discharge before & in early labour! But I had my dd the next day! In proper labour later my waters just gushed out a bit with each contraction! It was gross! Fingers crossed things are starting hun! Good luck! x

  • good luck image my labour was on and off the whole time i would get to 1-2 mins apart then it would just stop xx

  • thats exactly how mine was Sarah fortwo weeks, it was SOOOOO annoying lol. hope this is it for you becki, how's things now? hope younbge  to meet your little girl soon xxx

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