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First round of clomid!!!!



  • Hey Natasha!!  Sometimes this website freezes on me and I have issues with it. 


    I'm currently 1DPO.  I was supposed to go in for insemination yesterday, but we had such a big snow storm that I wasn't able to go in, and they ended up closing the clinic. 

    I feel like I have a bad luck stint going on, last month's insemination - I was sick with the stomach flu - so I knew it wouldn't work - as I was vommitting and diarrhea and couldn't BD after insemination. 

    Now this month - it just so happens that we have a HUGE snow storm on the day of our inseminations - so it really SUCKS! 

    Good thing we BD's 2 days in a row before OV day yesterday, and we BD yesterday too.  So, 3 days in a row - trying our luck that way at least. 

    My luck has been really shitty around insemination time - and next month, I will probably have to skip my cycle, because of my hopes are officially down in the dumps.  Is this a sign or something??  Creepy. I don't get it. It's not fair.

    How are you doing?  Where are you at?

  • Hi Suzy, sorry things are going really shi**y for you, fingers crossed you didn't need the insemination and that you dtd enough yourselfs.

    Where are you going on holiday?

    Well last month we really got our hopes up as my 7dpo bloods were 84 so really high for me, and my temps were quite high but just turned out I was 2 days late for af.

    Im currently cd12 and don't ovulate till around cd18 so your quite a bit in front of me on this cycle.


  • Hi ladies,

    Apologies that I have not been on for a while.

    Suzy - sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with insemenation and timing of things. Sometimes you need to think that these things were meant to be this way. Fingers crossed that you have caught the little egg this month. Will you go for insemenation again if you are not successful this month?

    Natasha - how are you lovely lady? I guess Suzy Rayne´s prediction was wrong . . .image don´t worry honey, it will happen for you and I have all my toes and fingers crossed for you. Are you still going to the clinic? Are you still taking clomid?

    Quick update from me - on holiday at the moment but going back to the UK tomorrow. Had an early scan today and everything looked perfect. I am feeling very emotional right now. I was very scared when we sat in the waiting room, I felt like I wanted to run away. I keep looking at my little picture  . . ..  Hope it all goes well in the future, keeping positive, which can be hard at times after the past experiences image

    I hope that you are both well ladies .... xxx

  • Hi Judy, how are you feeling? how far gone are you now?

    Im not having to have scans now just 7dpo bloods, got really excited last mth as my bloods were 84 and my period came 2 days late, really thought Suzy Rayne was right but I guess not image

    Was gutted yesterday as every cycle so far I have got my smiley face on cd17, yesterday was cd17 but no smiley so hoping I get one today.

    This is my 6th cycle (3rd of 100mg) and been sent another prescription for 3 more cycles so just hope it happens in one of those cycles xxx


    How are you doing Suzy, how many dpo are you now? xxx

  • Hi girls,

    Natasha - It is heart breaking, isn't it? I really hope it happens for you soon honey. I gave up hope and was getting ready for IVF and there is was a big surprise! I only tested because I had some cheep tests left and thought, sod that, there is no point in storing them in the cupboard forever. I am 10w+1 today and got my scan date for 27th February. I had my booking in appointment yesterday so all the paperwork and bloods are done. To say that I am terrified is an understatement, but have to think positive! I am feeling sick still which is great and I hope that the sickness stays for a few more weeks image I had an early scan last week and a gynecological check up and everything looked great. He told me that the baby was growing nicely and I also saw the heartbeat. DH got a bit excited, bless him but i am trying to keep calm until the 12 weeks scan. No shopping or browsing the net for baby stuff yet image I will go mad after the scan thou image They have some gorgeous maternity jeans on ASOS and I want them image

    What will happen if it does not happen on Clomid?

    Suzy - how are you doing honey?


  • Hi Ladies

    I am currently 7 DPO, and feel totally fine - other then being a bit tired, but I think that goes with this cold and crappy weather.  We are going to the Bahamas for a week - so I'm excited for that.  Although, I have to skip that month of my cycle.  I'm also trying to plan my wisdom tooth surgery that month, so I don't have to loose out on anymore cycles. (which i'm terrified of) my anxiety is already crazy just thinking about it!  How am I supposed to relax on vacation.  We get back on March 9th, and I'm supposed to go in on the 10th for surgery with my regular dentist (who does these surgeries 1 day per month) but I have called around and found a surgeon, that's been doing these surgeries 7 days a week all day for the last 30yrs, so I feel a little more comfortable with him (I hope) I have never met him before but they put me in for a consultation for March 10th and surgery March 12th - so it won't feel like I'm getting off an airplane and going in for surgery....YIKES!

    I'm hoping I am pregnant this cycle so that I don't have to do my teeth! LOL This has been 6 yrs of me putting it off.  I am totally freaked out of being put to sleep.

    Natasha - they told me to get off of Clomid after 3 cycles, and that is why they put me on injections now (Puregon) my doctor told me that in 90% of cases Clomid will work in the first 3 months....if not - it's best to switch to something else...

    SweetJudy - You will be fine...I have positive feelings about it image I'm telling you this, but whenever I am pregnant, i know I will be freaking out too....there is always SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT!  GEEZ!! 

  • it's me again....13DPO.  No testing yet...I'm too afraid of the famous BFN. 

    I just have sore breasts, and have had AF cramps...but AF is due tomorrow (says my tracker on my iphone, but sometimes it can be a day or 2 off)

    My breasts normally hurt the week before my period alot of times, and tends to go away closer to my period...but who knows anymore....i can't keep track of all of this anymore. 

  • Suzyyyyy - best of luck my love! Sore boobies and af cramps are good . . .  Sore boobies were the one and only sign that I had apart from the raised temperature. I kept prodding my breasts for days thou ha ha so I didn't pay much attention to the little tenderness that I was experiencing image I hope af never turns up for you. Now then, 13dpo should be safe to test honey but I understand if you are scared. I tested at 9dpo and got a very very very faint line and I only tested because I didn't expect it and also I had a lot of cheap tests to get rid off so I kept testing at random times. Dh could not see the line at that time so I tested again the next day and there it was - the shock of my life and the best start to the New Year image

    I've got my toes and fingers crossed for you!!!!


  • Hi first post so here goes

    been ttc for 2years and have been put on clomid 50mg my first round due to start in around 14 days (super excited) what are the most known side effects? And has anyone got caught first time thanks x
  • Natasha/SweetJudy!!!  I got some very good news.  I took 2 pregnancy tests today, one with FMU, and one at 8pm...and both say BFP!!!!  SUPER EXCITEDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it.  It hasn't sunken in yet.  I go for bloods to confirm tomorrow. 



    Danni - I know the feeling of the TTC for 2 too, well most of us on here. This is my first BFP - since the age of 21, and I am now 27!  I tried between 21-23 got nothing, took a break between 23-24ish, tried again between 24ish-now and finallllllly!!!!


    I used Clomid 50MG for 3 months, and it did not work for me.  With this cycle I used Puregon and regular BD, and I got pregnant.  Which is weird, as I was going for insemination in my previous months.  This current cycle I couldn't get to the clinic on insemination day as it was closed due to a snow storm, so we just BD 3 days straight!  and TA DAAAA....BFP! Maybe it was the Puregon Injections?  I don't know.  Only God knows.  Dont get discouraged, Clomid works for alot of ladies, and sometimes even on 1st try!  Good Luck! 

    Not much symptoms for me this cycle other then really sore bb's.  I felt like AF was getting me as I posted the other day, had slight cramps....and still have them on/off now.  Another thing I have noticed within the last 2 days, REALLY SLEEPY.  


    Expected Delivery Date:  October 29!!!  

  • Congratulation Suzy. I'm extremely happy for you honey!!! Hope it's a sticky one image Just make sure that you look after yourself and rest as much as possible  xxx

  • OMG SUZY CONGRATULATIONS image I'm soooo happy for you and guess what you wont have to have your teeth done now haha

    That snow storm you had was like a blessing in disguise really xxx

    Judy have you got a date yet for your 12wk scan, how are you feeling now?

    Danni hope things work for you on the clomid, ive been ttc all in all now for around 10yrs. I had a lap & dye last April and started clomid in August/September last year. I've had 3 cycles of 50mg and now on my 3rd cycle of 100mg. Lets hope this is the one.

    Well im 8dpo today with FF and 7dpo with ovufriend not got sore boobs or anything, ive had backache but I get that quite a bit and nausea yesterday, been bloated a lot but really not holding out too much hope. 

    Another downer for me is since I started 100mg Nov 22nd ive put on almost 10lb in weight image

    What am I going to do soon as I will have no one to chat too, out of the 7 I chat to regularly 5 of you have got your bfp, im gonna be all on my lonesome soon image 




  • Hi Natasha,

    I've got my fingers crossed for you honey image I had no symptoms apart from sore boobies around 8/9dpo so I wouldn't worry about the lack of symptoms. And nausea is also good image

    I've got my scan next week on Thursday so I'm excited but terrified at the same time. I am totally shattered today, was more tired this morning than I was last night and I slept well. The midwife said that tiredness was a great sign so I am embracing every minute of it ha ha Still getting spells of nausea and sickness. Lost almost 4lbs and I am eating properly or maybe I'm eating a bit less with the sickness - don't know. I had a call from the hospital yesterday, got uti so need antibiotics. I am scared to take them and don't really trust the GP but have to go with it. Called the mw today and she said that there is no danger to the baby so I am a bit calmer today. Bloods were good so I am happy about that image


  • Thank you Ladies!  I went in for my bloodwork today, and they called and confirmed pregnancy.  I am 4weeks1day - and my HCG level was 443.  I don't know if that's good/bad.  Hoping it is a really STICKY one.  I have to go in on Sat morning to see if it doubled.

    Natasha - It is a blessing - not having to do my teeth, I was sooooo scaredddddddd!!!  Thank Goodness.  and good thing for the snow storm, it's weird how things insemination!

    Don't be discouraged, I waited until my period was due, and I was SUPER NERVOUS to test.  NO symptoms for me either, other then sore boobies, and the regular AF cramps a day or 2 before it was expected (yesterday).  I had more symptoms in previous months.  I feel great right now, other then being sleepy and sore boobies.

    Hopefully, this feeling great continues!

    This might sound crazy, but my friend told me about this church in Quebec, Canada that happened to be the only place Mary appeared pregnant in the World.  I am not super religious, but am catholic - she happned to drive there and went in and prayed for a bit (To be a good mother, etc.), and her next cycle she was pregnant without even expecting it.  She kept mentioning to me that I needed to last week, I finally googled it (it's a 5-6hr drive from my house) and I told my husband about it, and we decided we were going to plan to go there after our Bahamas vacation in March.  In the meantime, while I was on their website, it allows you to light a candle for someone or on behalf of yourself for a cost - not expensive.  I thought it was worth a try, and I lit a candle for 3 days or 5 days, don't remember...and I got my BFP yesterday! I was on their site on Friday, and they light the candle within the next 24hours. I still plan on taking a drive down there either way.  It is known for people that have fertility issues.

    It is called "Our Lady of Cape" if you google, and in Quebec, Canada. 

    TRY IT, you never know......Maybe it was a coincidence....but I am thankful I did it either way.

  • I am so happy for both of you but please don't forget about me and keep me updated with your progress image xxxx

  • Hi ladies,

    Suzy - I quite like the idea of the little chapel image My family are also religious and I used to go to church with them every sunday, however since my miscarriage last year I have been feeling some resentment towards God. I needed to blame someone for it so I blamed God. Mum told me off for it and said that it happened for a reason .... I believe that things happen for a reason but this was just cruel. Anyway. I hope you are doing well honey and I am glad that your bloods were good. Let us know how you get on on Saturday.

    Natasha - don't worry, we will not forget about you image I am still hoping that you will join the pregnancy camp this month  image

    Not sure if I've told you girls but I've been diagnosed with uti so have to take antibiotics. DH picked them up for me yesterday and I started them this morning. The side effects are vomiting and nausea ha ha so hope they don't make my nausea worse. I was extremely tired yesterday and am feeling very sick today, at least it's not the same every day ha ha. I am glad the sickness and the tiredness are still here, the midwife said that the tiredness was a great sign. I am struggling at work thou and could do with a couple of days off really but cannot take all my hols at the beginning of the year image I should be studying as well and that is not going well at all, but I don't care. The most important thing for me is to look after the baby - as much as I can whilst it's inside image 


  • I am hoping to join this thread as I start my first cycle of Clomid tomorrow. I see that Danni 2014 is also starting around this same time. 

    My husband and I have been TTC for the last 13 months - after many tests and trips to the fertility clinic I was diagnosed with PCOS - so very rarely ovulate. I am hoping Clomid will do the trick image 


  • Hi SPJD - I too have PCOS, and have been TTC for many years.  This is my first pregnancy!  I am 7 weeks image


    Clomid did not work for me, but works for many other people.  So, give it a shot, it's worth it. 

  • Hi Judy and Suzy, how your pregnancies going, how far are you both now?

    Me Im still plodding along, on my 7th cycle of clomid now 4th one on 100mg, I usually ovulate around cd18-cd19 but still no smiley for me and i'm currently cd19 today. Fertility friend has me down as 3dpo based on temps but i'm not sure its right as the high temp its got me down as ovulating on I was drinking the night before so not sure if that's why that temps so high.


  • Hi Natasha,

    I have been thinking about you. Wondered how you were getting on. You temp could have been higher due to the alcohol intake, not sure if it makes a massive difference thou, hmmmmm. What will happen if you are still unsuccessful after these few rounds of clomid? I hope you get your BFP soon honey, ttc is such hard work image Are you still getting regular scans?

    I am doing well, thank you. I am 15w+2 today an still feeling sick ad tired, not complaining thou cos it means that the little baba is doing well image Got my 16 week midwife appointment next Tuesday and the 20 week scan on 14th April - cannot wait to find out the sex of the baby. Hope they will be able to tell during the NHS scan. I am still worrying a bit, but feeling much better after my 12 week scan. The baby was bouncing around - it was magical image My bump is also growing nicely image Work is being a bit painful, people are making things difficult for no reason and we are now not allowed to eat during the day, which is bloody great - not! DH is not happy cos I've got a baby to feed as well as myself and I used to snack a lot on fruit in the afternoon. Oh well, only a few months to go!

    Suzy - how are you hun? Is everything going well for you?


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