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Only 7 weeks, but struggling with food - Any suggestions?

Hi All,

I have just hit 7 weeks today, & so far so good. The only problem is that I am struggling to find foods that I 'fancy'. So far my faves are toast, cheese sarnies & Quavers, which are far from healthy, but I'm struggling to find other foods that don't make me feel queasy. Has any one/is any one else suffering from this & how did you go about it? Thanks for reading, Supa x x


  • Mashed potato and brussels I have found nice at lunch time with chicken gravy xxx im the same it seems I can only stomach bland food. Been eating tinned fruit cocktail even tho before I was pregnant I couldnt stick it xxx

    When I said mashed potato it wasn't real mash. It was potatoes mashed with fork and butter put on yum lol. Im not a potato fan normally either. I have been eating ready brek as a last resort when im not to queasy also.

    I like sainsburies swedey carrot and potato mash, ready cooked chicken and mixed fresh veg. The veg and mash can be microwaved and chickn eaten cold. There is no way I could cook meat atm and I cant really stomach it but that chicken is nice xxx hope any of those help
  • Ooo also, today I have found apple lovely. The blander ones like braeburn cut into slices. Im ten weeks my queasiness is mainly at night now instead of full blown all day. I still cnt stomach the idea of most foods and have to limit my brain to thinking about just the 'safe' ones or I feel the sickness coming on. Brown sauce is nice with cheese.

    Today, so far I had crumpet with cheese and about to eat the second apple. I cnt stomach the idea of my tea yet and my cupboards are bare because I tried to go shopping yesterday and just couldn't bring myself to look very far.

    Freshly made fruit packs the supermarkets sell is lovely too. I have found unhealthy mini cheddars a god send too in the morning on the school run . X
  • hi there

    bless you i know this well. had sickness bad till week 15 couldn't hardly eat or drink. below is list of things i managedimage

    plain crisp or mini cheddars

    short cake biscuits

    plain micro wave rice, boring i know

    drinking i used a straw, got i down me better


    baring in mind i had it bad, so you might be able to eat more than meimage

    good luck!
  • Hi huni

    im in the same boat as you i just dont seem to fancy any thing! Apart from crappy foods which i know wont do me or bubba any good image i try to eat dinner but 2-3 mouth fulls and im stuffed, i seem to really fancy curry with out rice! or hot choc which yet again is just not good image

  • Thanks all. I've bought some bananas & blue berries today & I'm guna try chicken with mash & a tray of roasted veg for tea - wish me luck. I have also got some grapes so could do mature cheese and biscuits  with them for a snack. Keep the lovely ideas coming image x x

  • Supastar im glad to hear your not feeling well lol

    I really struggled with food for the first 12 weeks but here is a few I managed

    Crumpets, cheese on toast, porridge, plan jacket potatoes and mash x

  • oh crumpets and cheese on toast now i wonder if il be able to much on them?? will have to try xx

  • Sarah, I've found cheese to be some sort of wonder food. Even when I feel the worst a rew chunks of cheese help me loads. I found it strange when pregnant with my little girl wanting so much dairy x x

  • Sarah I put cheese on my crumpets too lol x

  • Hey Supastar,

    Typed a long message before and my stupid tablet deleted it - aaargh!

    When I was around 6 weeks I really fancied cheese and salad so I kept eating chunks of cheddar with mixed leaf salad and celery - yum. I then went off healthy food completely and was surviving on toast with butter for a couple of weeks. I could not drink anything but water - sipping one glass of water all day, which was not great! I then started making some salads with grilled halloumi or smoked ham. I also used to make coconut and lemongrass Tilda rice with some roasted leeks, mushrooms and peppers and grated a little bit of cheese on top - it is very nice image I am also trying to ensure that I eat some home made vegetable soups.

    About 3/4 weeks I started craving slat and vinegar crisps so been eating them a lot.

    I am trying to be healthy now so every morning I have a big home made smoothie for breakfast (mainly cos I am not allowed to eat at work and I always used to have fruit for breakfast so I tricked them and started blending my fruit into a smoothie ha ha), I also try to have either a vegetable soup, salad or chicken wrap or rice with something for lunch and also something healthy for dinner. DH makes me big dinners so I try not to eat much at work, he's made me cheesy chips twice and a pizza and I munched the entire thing ha ha.

    I don't think I've gone off anything this time, just didn't fancy healthy stuff for a few weeks. I would not worry about not being able to eat much, think it is normal and the baby will still carry on growing.

    Oh and I also really like mushed potatoes with butter and salt - yum image


  • Thanks Judy for your fab suggestions. I'm so happy to know its not just be living off toast & butter - ahh feel a bit more sane now. Managed a yogurt this afternoon & the chicken, mash & veggies went down a storm this evening x x

  • Lol I got bored of toast. I had a rubbish diet today. 3 crumpets with cheese, 3 apples, 2 mini twister ice creams and two slices of cheese on toast with brown sauce on the side for dipping. Im defo going shopping tomorrow for some veg. Lol.
  • Also its funny how most of us seem to be eating the same kind of things lol
  • Yes there is defo a pattern! I bought some apples yday also, so will try one today. Guna try porridge too and see how I get on xx

  • Hi ladies I'm 9 weeks and for the past 2 weeks I've had no appetite at all. It's really annoying now as I can't make mind up what to eat image.

    And when I do eat it takes hours to digest.

    I'm feeling sick all the time too so that dosnt help x
  • The only thing I really fancy is fruit. I'm in love with mango chunks x
  • Bless you Lottie, I'm feeling the same. Never really fancy anything, but atm I am finding it best to eat snacks little and often. Did you eat much mango before, or is it more a pregnancy craving?  x x

  • Hey, I never hardly eat mango before it's only been since I've been pregnant xx
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