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Bleeding and a bit worried

Well where do I start...............

I miscarriage in 2010 and now I'm pregnant again, very worrying. From when I found out I was pregnant I've been having a brown discharge, went and had 4 scans and everything was fine, baby was still moving, they said I had a hearrahage (how ever you spell it lol) but theres a cloth there now. but never stopped bleeding.  from 12 weeks it became red! I am now 15 weeks and two days ago it was red like a period so not too heavy but not spotting. I was having pain in my ribs and the top of my legs and sides but not cramping more like a aching. I have a heart monitor and I can still hear the heart beat but very scared. Went toilet today and it wasn't cloths more like skin only two came out and none since. I phone the emergy midwife that don't know nothing about me and first thing she said when I said I was bleeding its a miscarriage stay in bed and rest. So very worried now

sorry about it being so long but anyone got any advice??

Thank you

Nicole x


  • Hi huni 

    just seen your post and didnt want to read and run, how are you today? are you still bleeding? have you called your own midwife?? can they give you another scan?

    I understand your fear of m/c i had my boy in 2012 and last year i had 2 m/c july and december i fell again feb this year but im living on the edge so to speak, every time i go to the loo im worried and every little cramp or pain i think omg here we go again....


  • Hello 

    thanks for reply.

    still bleeding but went for a scan today and doctors tomorrow they said they can see where the bleeding coming from but yes i am still bleeding!! soo happy the baby is fine too, so my minds at rest abit.

    yes exactly how i feel just on edge! hopefully everythings fine with you and your pregnancy.

    Nicole x 

  • Oh wow im so glad they gave you a scan and all is ok with bubba xx

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