Luteal Cyst In Pregnancy

Hi ladies,

Just got back from the midwife and in very disappointed! She didn't listen to the heart beat and said that they won't do it until 28 weeks. She also told me that my scan bits say that I have a cyst on my right ovary,I did not know about this,nobody said anything at the hospital. So the question is,are these cysts dangerous? It is a smallone and the midwife said that they tend to shrink. I'm a bit worried now thou ... 



  • Judy the cysts are no issue. I had the same.

    It is literally the cyst which bursts open to let your egg pop out of the ovary. Everyone starts with one but they disappear at different rates.

    They won't do anything about it because it won't get any bigger or be in the way.image

    Sometimes less info is better I think. X
  • Hi

    I had a cyst. Was a small one on my left ovary and they also noticed a small hemorage on my right side. They didnt give me anything for the cyst as was really small and said will go on its own. This was at my early scan at 6 weeks. When i went in for my 12 week scan cyst had gone but hemorage is still there.

    Now im nearly 32 weeks i seen my midwife today and mentioned the hemorage to her as they never checked at my 20 week scan and she just said as it was that small it should have gone by now.

    As long as you dont have pain there then you will be image

    Sorry they didnt hear the heartbeat! I guess everywhere has different rules. My midwife had a listen at 15 weeks but she did say there could be a chance i wouldnt be able to hear it as still early so maybe this is the case for you? Xx
  • Thanks honey! They have never told me about it in the first place,but the midwife wad like oh I have to tell you! Wish she never did! Your comment had reassured me thou,thank you. Xxx 

  • Was meant to put as long as no pain there then you will be ok image
  • Oh Judy don't worry. We are programmed to worry in pregnancy.image

    I think it's just not clear when they talk about things sometimes whether they are mentioning it because it's there or because it's a problem.

    Sometimes you have to really push them if you're not sure. Xx
  • Thank you Hayleigh! I will ask at the 20 week scan. The funny thing is that the sonographer checked both of my ovaries and said that there were no issues. The midwife said that they won't listen to the heart beat until 28 weeks,which I find ridiculous. I know the baby is fine cos I can feel it wiggling but it would have been nice to hear that every so important heart beat image xx

  • Hey hun , I also had a cyst on left ovary when pg with dd , was gone by 20 week scan , We heard heartbeat at 16 weeks - clear as day , did you mention your past history n say how worried you have been , I have resisted the temptation to buy a doppler - think would worry more if couldn't pick up hb , but they have been good with me , cos of problems with bp in previous pregnancies have seen midwife every fortnight for last 6 weeks , reassuring to hear the little horse galloping away or train - can't quite decide , could you see another mw or go back n say you would like to hear it , as you say you can feel lo moving which is a magical feeling but would be lovely for you to hear him or her too ,good luck , let us know how you get on x x 

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