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No Heartbeat - Due in Nov 14

Hi ladies, can't believe I'm having to write this. I've posted in miscarriage support but thought I would post here as well just in case some of you only check our due in november board. 

I started with some brown discharge yesterday so phoned my epu & they booked me in for a scan today. I had darker brown & dark red blood discharge this morning. I'm 7+4 today. There was no heartbeat on the scan & baby is measuring more like 6 & a half weeks. They've booked me in for another scan next week just in case my dates are wrong & it's too early to pick up a heartbeat but I know my dates are right so this is just procedure really. They've said they expect me to start miscarrying as even at 6 & a half weeks they should be able to see a heartbeat on an internal scan.

Absolutely devastated. 





  • Love you lady xxxx

  • Thanks hunny!!! Xx

  • So sorry hun image x

  • Hi huni 

    Im so sorry to read this xx

  • Oh gosh so sorry to hear this. Really hope it's not a miscarriage but I know it doesn't sound so positive. Let us know how you get on, thinking of you xxx

  • Really sorry to read this. Sending you virtual hugs x x

  • Thanks ladies. Xx

  • replied to your other post huni, but remember every one is different when reading my story xx

  • Hey, anything more today? How are you doing? Xx

  • Nothing much is happening, bit of blood but hardly anything really. Was quite watery this morning so wondering if that is amniotic fluid. It's rubbish just waiting. Still no cramping. Just praying the really bad pains hold off for tomorrow as my daughter is 3 & it's her party! Will be even more devastated if I'm in too much pain for her birthday!

    I'm actually doing alright in myself, me & hubby are able to talk about it which is good. We just want it done with so we can try again. xx

  • I know how you feel, we were like that. I had the erpc though as I didn't miscarry naturally and like you just wanted to move on and try again.  I had a friend who went through similar (having the erpc) and she had said it took her 3 cycles to conceive again, the same for us too, so just worth bearing that in mind if you have to make a decision if your body doesn't do it naturally. The erpc doesn't take long but they just say it might take more lining than a natural miscarriage loses so it takes a while to build back up again. I don't know how true that is though! 

    What day next week is your scan? 

    Hope your daughter has a lovely party tomorrow xx

  • Yeah I'm conscious that I wud prefer it to happen naturally so more lining than normal isn't removed so we can hopefully catch again quickly but if it drags on much longer it may b worth opting for erpc. The scan is Wednesday morning so thinking we'll discuss all options then!!!

    Thank you! I've got one very excited girlie!! Keeps saying she'll be bigger in the morning! Lol!! X
  • I'm so sorry to read this  mummytaylor2, it's such a hard time and no one really understands unless you have been through it. Thinking of u xxx

  • Hey, how did your scan go today? How are you? Xx

  • Had the scan & everything has gone & my lining is completely back to normal. Least my body has done something right! Can't believe how lightly I've got off with it, less than 24hrs of heavy bleeding & hardly any cramping! I'm to ring them directly when I'm 6 weeks pregnant next time & they'll scan me straight away.

    Feel so relieved that it's happened naturally & quickly. Had a horrendous migraine since Monday which doctor has said is down to plummeting hormones so hopefully that will go soon!

    Thank you for thinking of me everyone! Good luck with these November babies! I'll be looking in on you to see how you're all getting on! Hopefully I can get my BFP again soon! Xx
  • Im so sorry huni but in a way its nice your body has done it natural but it dont make it any easier, fingers crossed for a BFP real soon xxxxx

  • Oh sweetie, in one way I'm really glad that you didn't have a horrendous time of it but I'm sad we didn't get to share this journey with you. Good luck and let us know when you have your bfp! I'll be thinking of you xx

  • Thank you ladies! X
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