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Hello. Please can you help us at BX HQ? How can we make the Chat forums better?

Hello everyone.

We're looking at lots of ways we could improve the BabyExpert Chat forums – and we'd really like your help!

Please do come and post here, and tell us what you like about BabyExpert Chat, and what you'd like to change, if you could.

It can be anything from the way Chat is organised to how easy (or hard!) you found it is to register, post for the first time, change your profile etc etc.

We'd love to hear your feedback, good and bad. It will help hugely as we try to make Chat a better and more user-friendly place for you all. Thanks!


  • A more mobile friendly site would be great - writing posts can be a nightmare via a phone! The screen jumps all over and is just pretty hard to read in comparison to other forum based sites.

     Also, is there any way of keeping people signed in via mobile? I'm constantly signed in on my laptop but on my phone I have to log in every time and it's dead fiddly! 

    Other than that, I very much love this site. It's a haven of knowledge and stress busting! image

  • Thanks for your comments WooH – and we're really glad you like the site, despite the glitchy bits!

    Can you tell us what kind of phone you are using? Is it an iPhone or an android? We'd like to try and replicate the jumpy-screen thing, so we can do something smart to fix it.

    Also, about the logging in thing: does your phone offer you a prompt to "remember" the site when you log in?

  • I use an iPhone. There's no option to be remembered when logging in on it image It's fine on my Kindle (it remembers me, too), although there is the jerkiness to that as well when accessing the forums to write on (normal pages are much better). 

    Hope that helps image

  • That's really useful WooH - thank you!

    We'll get an iPhone and a Kindle out and see what we can do to make things better.

  • Ah, you're wonderful image Thanks for all you do on here image
  • Aw, bless you, WooH - that's ever so nice.

    While I've 'got' you, can we ask you to do one thing for us, please?

    Next time you log in on your iPhone, can you see if it asks you to remember your password? If it does, can you click on Yes.

    And then carry on as usual - but let us know if you still have problems being logged out all the time or if it's got a bit better.


  • It doesn't have the option to remember my password. Here's a pic so you can see what the screen looks like image



  • Oh right, see what you mean, WooH.

    Sorry for being a bit unclear.

    When you actually sign in (put in your email and password), does your phone ask you if you want it to remember the password?

  • No, it doesn't - just says, "Welcome. We're delighted to welcome you to our community of mums and mums to be" etc etc xx

  • Ok, that's really helpful, WooH.

    We'll get working on trying to figure out a solution for this image

  • Yeeeeeey! Thanks!
  • Hello again, WooH.

    I have one more question to ask you, if you don't mind. 

    Could you go into the Settings on your iPhone, scroll down to Safari and click the arrow, then scroll down to Block Cookies.

    When you hit that arrow next to Block Cookies, what does your phone display as being ticked? Always? From third parties and advertisers? Or Never?

  • Will check it out. Back in 2 ticks. image
  • It says third parties and advertising image
  • Aha! Thanks. That's v useful, WooH.

    And can you tell us what model of iPhone you have: 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c or 5s?

    And which IOS you're running: 4, 5, 6 or 7?

    Sorry for all the Qs but your answers will help us work out how to fix this quicker, we hope!

  • I've got an iPhone 4S and operating system version 6 (daren't install 7 after the last nightmare I had when it wiped everything I had!) image

    No problems about the questions; ask away!
  • Thanks WooH image

    (I've bravely installed 7 by the way and it was fine - much quicker than 6 and no wiping nightmares)

  • Haha! I might give it a go, then! image

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