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Henry is 10 months old today, he also has a dairy intolerance meaning if he has any cows milk his eczema flares up on his face. He has also really cut down on his milk (he is on prescription milk, neocate) so I'm concerned he isn't getting enough calcium. I've googled high calcium foods without dairy but it's things like white beans, figs, green leafy veg, sesame seeds and tinned salmon with bones! How on earth can I add these and still making them tasty for a baby finding what they do and don't like. Thanks.


  • My son is on a dairy free diet as he is allergic to cows milk protein, I've been advised to give him vitamins with calcium in by the allergy nurse, she suggested abidec
  • Thank you. Will get some.
  • Why not ask to see your allergy nurse or the allergy clinic, they may be able to prescribe you some additional vitamins or even foods. Lots of people are allergic to dairy so I'm sure they must be some provision out there for babies like your LO. 

    I make a white-bean hummus for Annabel, she loves it (as do me and Daddy). We have it on toast or with crackers, breadsticks or even to dip chips in. 

    You could add sesame seeds to chicken/meat dishes, sprinkle them on weetabix or porridge. Make stir-fry with loads of green veg, sometimes I liquidize it is if it will be too difficult for Annabel to eat. 

    Good luck with it. x x

  • See below for white bean hummus recipe: -  It's on the recipe exchange thread. 

    White Bean Hummus (from River Cottage baby/todler book)

    I'm not usually one for following recipes from books but this recipe was really easy and really yummy. Without breaking copy-right laws here is a brief description of how to do it.

    You will need:

    One tin of butter beans in water

    a clove of garlic

    a tsb of tahini paste

    some olive oil (approx 2 tsb)

    (some paprika to sprinkle on end product )

    Basically chop the garlic, place in a blender with the drained butter beans add a spoon of olive oil and the tahini paste. Blend until thick and creamy. Place in a dish then add a bit of extra olive oil and the paprika ( if using).

    We had it on toast for breakfast and then with falafels for lunch.



     Yum, yum.




  • Thank you nicola that's amazing! Will get ingrediants and let you know how we get on. X
  • My son has been dairy free for a while because of his skin.  It didn't really make a difference so we reintroduced it and his nappies have been horrendous since so planning to cut milk again.  I think I'm going to ask the doctor for supplements as he already has vitamins but these don't contain any calcium and I know from other mums who've had dairy free children that they've been given supplements too

  • Henry loved the hummus. Thank you x
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