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8 years in the making...... our miracle

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa, married to karl.


I met karl 8 and a half years ago, whirl wind romance, love at first sight, inseparable from day one. Within 6 months we were engaged and tcc. I moved 100 to live with him in his home town, Two month later I missed a period. BFP. I was 19 he 22. 9 weeks later I miscarried. We tried again, and again, for 8 years we tried. Nothing.


We went to adoption meetings, it wasn't for us yet, surrogacy, too frightening and too many let downs, asked a few family members if possibly help, no. 

I became very depressed, why am I alive if I can't do the one thing I was born to do? What purpose do I have? Family didn't understand, even my own mother asked my husband why he married me knowing full well I can't bare his children. Those 8 years were dark indeed.

Untill December 2013, overweight and desperately depressed we decide to loose weight and stop smoking. 2 stone each we lost in a month, quit smoking and rekindled our love. 


I have always had reg periods strangely, I have endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries. Never got a defined answer when tests were carried out, probably was the best they came up with. 


Feb this year I had a strange period, then missed March by 7 days. Over the years we must of done 100s of pg tests, all neg, all took a piece of my soul, every period that came took a part of me. So we bought our first test in two years. Peed on it, put it back in box, passed it my husband and proceeded with the morning routine of letting our 3 dogs out, feeding the cats, getting breakfast ready, walked into the font room to my husband, stick in hand, Cheshire cat smile on his face, my heart stopped I couldn't move. The moment he passed me that stick I'll never forget. BFP!!!!! We just sat on the sofa for 30 mins not saying anything. Cheap tescos test. Go get a clear blue, digital. Now. Pee on it, PREGNANT other test PREGNANT 3+ oh my Jesus on a bicycle!!!! 

Amazing. I calculated 6 weeks pregnant, booked in with midwife 12 weeks (yesterday) we had our first scAn, I'm actually 13 + 1!!!! Heard and saw heart beat, wiggly baby, waved at us. My parents were there too. Best feeling in the world. 


My husband never gave up hope,.years ago we bought a washer off facebook from a couple emigrating and we some how got chatting about their daughter. 14 years in the making she was, they said never give up, he never forgot their story and it kept him strong all this time. Thank you. 


I wanted to share our story,maybe someone will take some hope from it x 



  • Lisa, I'm so unbelievably happy for you. I think sharing stories like this can bring a lot of women hope.

    I know what it is like to feel like you've waited forever to be a mum. My journey was not as long as yours, but it did take its toll on me.

    Wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy!
  • This is an awesome story. Love it!

    We have been trying for 3 and a half years and thank you for rekindling my thinking of never giving up.

    Thank you for sharing! xx

  • How lovely congrats x

  • Lisa, That is an amazing story. I am sat in my work on my tea break bubbling.... I dont know you but the happiness I have for you is huge! Congratulations!!!! We need stories like this on here to keep everyones spirits up. xxxximage

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