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anyone monitoring ovulation?

Hi ladies, me & hubs r ttc for number cycles r rather long in the 40s except for last month.i was 17 days late so a total of 56 days since my last one. I was pleased to have some result but it was a frustrating month.weve resulted in using ovulation strips. The ones u can buy in bulk online.ive found out so far that ive ovulated for 2 days on day 20 & we'd done the deed around then but im still feeling quite normal. No preg symptoms .im currently waiting for my monthly due between the 7th to the 21st of two days normal?and can u have the lh surge twice a month? My hubs wrks shifts and with my long weve turned to this.what do you think?


  • Hi Kimberley...if you detected the surge on days 20 and 21 then you probably ovulated on day 22. That's how i understand it anyway. X
  • Hi kimbo... You would only have 1 period of LH surge in a month as this only happens around OV time. If you have a 40ish day cycle you would expect to OV some time around day 26 (give or take a few days).... OV generally happens 14 days before your next due period (it is not timed by days after your last period as some people think)

    there's a great thread you might like to join full of ladies using OPK's & tracking this etc... Look up 'ovulation test strips' & you should find the thread. 

    Personally I would also recommend the clear blue OPK's... They are a bit more expensive but are much easier to use than the traditional dip dye ones. 

    Good luck!

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