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Post-birth career worries

I'm just about to graduate from uni and found out I was pregnant a couple of months ago (due Sept 24). Me and my partner are over the moon about it as I was told by doctors I wouldn't be able to have children.

The thing is, I only have a part time job in retail and am a bit worried about my chances of getting a half-decent job after maternity leave. My partner is on a low wage so I would love to be able to be the main breadwinner but I can't help feeling like it might be hard to get onto the career ladder given that I still haven't got a clue what career I'd want!!

I really want to be a good role model for our child so I can't help worrying about the future!

Is anyone else in a similar position of uncertainty job-wise?



  • Congratulations on your graduation Millie, It's a real acheivement! What degree have you obtained and what area would you like to work in ideally? I think this will affect your options. . . . 

    You need to stay positive, can you do any relevant work experience or voluntary work in your field prior to your due date or when you're on maternity leave in order to keep your knowledge current? 

    It's difficult to give any other advice without knowing what you do 

    Kate x

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