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Need a friend to talk to after 3 miscarriages

Hi I've had 3 miss carriages now and I have no one to talk to image it's breaking my heArt I feel I'm not meant to be mummy and ATM I'm waiting to be referred for test but I could be waiting forever image has anyone had. These tests and can give me some sort of insight. Many thanks. Xxx


  • hi kimmy, so sorry that you have been through this & feel alone.... I really hope you get some sense of support & comfort from being on this site... I know it has been a lifeline for me through good times & bad.

    i recently suffered my second miscarriage in June. I was offered tests after this so had a lot of bloodwork done... These were all looking for clotting disorders. At this point that's really all they can do unless something glaringly obvious is seen like a structural abnormality of the uterus... As (sad as it is), having 2 or 3 miscarriages isn't as ridiculously uncommon as you might think it is. My OB told me that most women who have tests show up nothing as being a problem.... As was my case.... Honestly at the time that was very difficult to hear as I wanted there to be an 'answer' & a 'fix' but all they could suggest at this point was to try again & hope for the best... Hope that i was just one of those really unlucky women that have multiple miscarriages in a row but then go on to have a healthy baby. Im hoping & praying that they are right about that... I am of course very very scared about getting pregnant again & the possibility of losing another one but I'm equally feeling strong enough to try again. I so badly want to be a mum / to have a child with the man i love with all my heart... & thats whats driving me forward right now.

    i know how crappy this can all feel... & how scary it is too.... but im hoping for you & me that it will all be worth it in the end.

    don't feel that you have to keep all your pain bottled up too... Its so important to acknowledge your losses... You've lost babies & thats one of the hardest things anyone can face. Find a way that works for you... Be it on here, talking to your OH etc. I myself made a memory book with a letter & scan pictures etc for each of my babies... It was very tough to do & i cried so much but it has been such a healing thing for me & im so glad i made myself address / acknowledge my pain & the life of my babies & how important that is.

    if you have any more questions or just want to talk... Keep posting... I am happy to be here for you.


  • I m a mom of a 5 yrs old daughter but since 2012 i hv been hving 3 m/c, the first one broke my heart, i felt lost n uncomposed... had no one to share my feelings with (just like you) but time helped heal n then i had another 4 weeks m/c in June which naturally bled n all. Now again in Aug i lost a 6.5 weeks pregnancy. Now my doc told me after a month i m due for some blood test to investigate the reason of these recurrent m/cs. I m still thinking i shudnt give up trying. I can understand ur feelings at this point n will suggest u give it sometime to pass n u ll over come it. Time makes us forget all the agony we had faced....
  • Sorry to hear that Ann... Hope you get some answers when you have your blood tests done next month
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