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Trying to conceive - support needed

Came of the pill 18 months ago and still haven't conceived (not even a false alarm). At first it was a case of if it happens it happens but never thought it would take so long. I have always had regular periods and no health issues but now I'm starting to get concerned. I'm jut about to make an appointment with the docs to see if anything is wrong but would be nice to chat to others in similar situation as everyone I know seems to be finding it so easy. This would be my first child (my partner already has 2). I'm 31.


  • Hi Marie, didnt want to read and run. Im in a similar situation, we've been trying 16 months for our first. I'm 33 and DH is 38. We've been actively trying, using OPKs etc, but we've had no luck. I know what you mean about everyone seeming to conceive easy, but it's been so much harder than I thought.  ive had a few doctors appointments but all my test came back normal and my DH had a SA and that was normal too so it's really frustrating. I'm part of a thread on the trying for a baby forum with a lovely group of ladies who are really supportive, it's called ovulation test strips started by Janice beard. Please feel free to join us if you want extra support and people to share your journey with xx

  • Marie, sorry to hear you've been having problems. image

    What are you doing to track your cycles? There might not be an actual problem with you, and could just be down to you missing the best part of your cycle to conceive.

    If it's any consolation, you're in the right place. This forum is a god-send. None of us have found it easy and you can rant and rage about those that seem to blink and become pregnant without fear of judgement (because we all feel the same, haha!!) image x

  • But Clomid induces ovulation and that doesn't seem to be the problem here. It's cheaper to get Clomid through NHS than online and you can guarantee where it comes from and that it's genuine. This whole thing of buying meds online is terrifying; some horror stories about it all from so-called reputable sites.
  • To be honest I haven't been doing too much to track my cycles. I have a regular 27 day cycle so I just downloaded a fertility calendar and then just making sure we are doing the deed during this time. I notice some symptoms also like dc and sometimes have a stitch like pain on left side where I would expect my ovaries to be so took this as a good sign. I also thought as we are quite regular in that department we should be catching it anyway particularly as I read that it doesn't have to happen at the exact time ovulation is taking place. However maybe you are right and this is where I am going wrong. Do you think I should make more of an effort? I still haven't got round to going doctors either. Tried booking an appointment but there wasn't anything available at the time and I sort of left it at that and went back to just hoping for the best.

    Thanks all for your replies. Nice having people who understand xx
  • Ok ??I was diagnosed with??PCOS about a year ago. So my doctor prescribed me Clomid to take on days 5-9 50mg. On cd10 I was curious and decided to take an ovulation test that morning it was negative I tested again that evening around 2pm Sept 5th 2014 and??got a positive so me and my boyfriend started BD went to the bathroom and noticed some discharge white and watery like and called my doctor and she said it was normal.I also??checked my cervix and noticed it was softer than usual.. I ??tested again that night about 9pm and got a negative????? Me and the boyfriend is still BD So I waited and tested on CD13-18????still no ovulation so I gave up on testing. Now around cd 19 my breast have become really sore cant even lay on them.. and im going to the bathroom a lot more I wake up in the middle of the night just to go, I have been having some really weird dreams that makes no sense lol.. On??CD 21 I used a PT I kno probably to early and got a BFN.. So I waited to see if I was going to get AF on the 22nd seen as I got it??Aug 22 after taking Provera to bring it on..??So??on CD 28 no AF breast still sore little bit of cramping on my left side went away.. On CD30 breast still sore still waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it feels like AF I on on the way wake up the next morning and still nothing but know im having dull pains in my lower stomach that comes and goes.. me and the boyfriend still BD??I have done??POAS about 10 times and still BFN..??Now im on??CD32 and still no AF so I tested again today and still BFN ugh its so frustrating im just about ready to throw the towel in and give up... its so many??women that I work with that are pregnant and it seems very easy for them to have babies and im going through all this.. At my age it shouldn't even be this hard to have a baby.. My boyfriend is still confident that it will happen but im not to sure.. Im sorry long post but I really needed to let some of this out with people who are going tough the same thing.. i have a doctors apt on the 30th which is in a few days so i will definitely no whats going on then.. But do you guys think its possible that i just ovulated??late and its to early to test??? me and the boyfriend still BD just incase i did ovulate late..
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