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TTC 5years - time to give up?

We have been TTC for the past 5 years. I have been diagnosed with a few small cysts on my ovaries, but been told this shouldn't affect fertility. Hubby had a vasectomy reversal 5 years ago. 

I have a child from previous relationship 9 years ago.

I was put on Clomid for a few cycles, however today my consultant has told me there is nothing else he can do to help as hubbys sperm doesn't seem to be doing it's job. He has said he suggests IVF but that would only have a 30% success rate.

Is it worth gambling £3500 on a 30% chance - that would clear our savings.

Do we keep trying and feel grateful that I already have a child?


Sorry for the rambling but I don't know what to do. xx


  • Not sure i can be any help but didn't want to read and run. Only you can answer if its worth it to you. We are ttc #1 and have been for 15months. If it comes to it we will definitely be doing ivf, but we haven't already got a child. If you can afford it and want it  I'd say go for it, if not there are loads of stories of people who conceive against the odds so don't give up. Good luck whatever you decide to do xx

  • There are so many people who are told they will never have a child and end up falling pregnant with a miracle. Obviously it's not like that for everyone but I know with my first I fell pregnant just as we had given up hope. Can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you and I'm guessing you and your oh will need to talk properly about it and see what your options are. Good luck to you both and just remember miracles can happen.
  • Can I ask if you made a decision?

    We've been trying 3.5yr for our first and our first iui failed today.  We have a free shot at IVF on the Nhs but I don't know if I can do this anymore. It hurts so much and no one understands. And now with it being medical procedures it's going to interfere with work which was the one place I could try not to think about it cos no one knew we were trying. I'm only 33 and they don't know why I can't conceive and I feel like I'm stopping my husband from having a child and sometimes I think I should leave him so he can have a family and not be stuck with me

  • Yes its worth the gamble, but that depends on how much u want it...savings can be rebuilt in time. We spent 8k on we have twins. .look at going abroad much cheaper x good luck..p's the medical side doesn't interfere that much with work take holiday x
  • Never give up ♥ have faith trust ♥ Were ttc for 10 years now after giving birth with my daughter we tried and tried untill last year nov, without me knowing im pregnant and they were twins, i had an mc and lost them, but here i am still trying and did not loose any hope.. just hold on its worth waiting..

    Baby dust to you, and ill give you all the dust my friends gave me just dont loose hope♥

  • I'm there at the mo, think I'm ready to give up. I have a 4 year old and we've been trying just over 3 years. I had all the tests and there was nothing wrong with either of us but it's getting harder to deal with every month. Then I have people telling me never mind you have one, I'm just on a bit of a downer today with a lot of babies being born around me this week and a lot of pregnancy announcements image
  • Rosa god has a purpose dont feel so down, dont give up ♥

  • Hi I'm just wondering how you was getting on? My partner had vasectomy reversal three years ago and we are still trying. Its so hard x
  • Don't give up hope purchase God's fertility clinic by Jean warner ive been ttc for 11 years but not giving up never

  • I'm preggy now almost 3mos 😘 I never gave up 💝

    Baby dust to all💕

  • I tried for 5 years for no.2- had 1 failed iui and 2 miscarriages. I went for ivf with donor egg and it worked first time- we are so glad we kept on trying- our little girl is 20 months  and the greatest joy for all of us. After conceiving no.1 so easily it was really hard to come to terms with not managing no.2. I do understand how difficult and emotional it can be. We decided only 1 shot at ivf because the cost, both emotional and financial was too high otherwise and I am so glad we took the risk. I always think you most regret the things you don't try rather than the things you do.

    Lots of luck to everyone going through it now!


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