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Anovulatory cycles,clomid please help

Hello Ladies 

I've been ttc sine september 2012 but no success lots of blood tests ,lots of gp visits then finally on april 2014 i got to meet fertility specialist who said i wasnt ovulating and prescribed clomid for me ... I finished my first round of 50 mg since cd 13 im feeling like af is coming back pain ,lower abdomen ache like af is coming typical symptoms i just dont know what is going on I'm now on cd 20 i didnt know if i ovulated im just having a breakdown now i just feel so sa for my self and my husband he's having high hopes now  he keeps telling i feel that youre pregnant but Im just waiting for af to come i have that feeling im gutted ..I just had a need to tell somebody 

Thank you x


  • There are sometime so called early pregnancy, though i havent tried clomid ♥ im planning to try one if i get a negative result on my blood test and ultrasound next week, i suggest you try hpts ♥

    Good luck and baby dust to you♥ and to all ttc.

  • Thank you for replying , i dont know if i ovulated i have a blood test tomorrow so i know if i ovulated and i wait a bit more for hpt im just sick of so many bfn's i hope im going to have a bfp this time ??????
  • Wish you all the luck♥ may all the babu dust shower on you♥ keep me posted ♥

  • Yes i will ,what about you how long are u ttc ? X
  • 10 years, had dnc last year and surprisingly twins image atm i had 6 test and all faint lines, i had my sched next week for bloodntestbjust to make sure if its positive or negative, and if its negative i will surely try clomid♥

  • Im so sorry to hear that , but good luck for now ,keep me updated x
  • Sure i will ♥ you too ok ♥

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