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Saying Goodbye to you all…. (May 15)

Hi, unfortunately am having to wave goodbye to the group.


On Thursday night I was rushed to A&E by hubby with heavy bleeding and huge clots etc - it is very very scary stuff and I just we were prepared for these things before they happen....  In the early hours of Friday morning I miscarried, they used a speculum to bring everything out that they could - I lost so much blood and so so many clots and allsorts came out, it is very mindblowing.

Luckily I was able to come home and rest here, am still losing a few smaller clots but fortunately the bleeding has settled down already to normal period style.

I am booked in with the Gynae ward to have my ultrasound scan, they wanted to wait a few days to let me recover and hopefully they will see everything has cleared out naturally and I will be well enough to recover and try again should we decide to in the future.

Best of luck to you beautiful mummies to be, if you ever need any help or want an ear send me a private message and I will be there for you (I am a counsellor so good ears!)

Mine this time wasn't meant to be, but we all know from these fantastic forums that this may not be the end, and time and rest helps and heals us all.


Big hugs and look after yourselves




  • Oh alfiesmummy1. I am so very sorry to hear what has happened to you, utterly heartbreaking. I do hope sometime in the future we see you again. Thinking of you.

  • Thank you DanielleBX. 

  • Hi huni I'm so sorry to read this I am here if u need to chat, there are no words I can say to make the pain go away, when I lost my 2 last year everyone on here have me such support xxx
  • Oh my goodness! I am so deeply sorry to hear about your loss! That is heartbreaking! I think you're amazing for being so strong!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world!
  • Thank you everyone. Take care of yourselves x
  • Just seen so sorry Alfies mummy image I cant imagine what you must be going through. 

    Stay strong image x

  • Thanks MrsU

    Time is a great healer - however, they forget to tell you how your body is left craving a baby to nurture and grow, and your hormones are like riding a rollercoaster.....


    Big hugs to all x

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