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Scans, Midwife appointments (May 15)

Hi Everyone,

So our bored is so quiet.  How is everyone? 

When are your scans and midwife appointments???? 

how are you all feeling?

who is going to find out the sex of the bubbas???


  • Hi Baby88

    I'm 14 weeks today and starting to feel a little less tired! I've been lucky as not suffered with morning sicknessimage I've got my 20 week scan on 5th January and we will be finding out the sex just as it will be easier with planning and things new baby will be sharing a room with DS1, I've got a few hospital appointment before then tho due to pre eclampsia in 1st pregnancy.

    How are you feeling Baby 88? Will you be finding out what you're having xx

  • teacup33: you have the honour of being the first person to post on the combined MadeForMums/Babyexpert site!


    We'd like to send you a little gift to mark the occasion. Could you drop me a quick PM and we'll sort that out for you?

  • Hi! The board really is quiet - such a shame image

    We've got our 20 week scan on 29th December. I can't wait. Our last scans were at 11+6 and 14+1, and the difference between the two was incredible, and I can't wait to see the baby in more detail. We won't find out the sex as it's an amazing surprise on the day and doesn't really change any of our plans, we'd get the same things for a boy that we'd get for a girl - they're all babies after all! image



  • Hello EmilyB. Great to hear you've got a date for your next scan - Ooh, I wish I could have kept the sex of at least one of my babies a surprise, but I'm very impatient when excited (I find it hard to even wait one day to open birthday presents!) and found out with all three! still didn't really effect what i bought them!

    Sorry to hear you think the thread's gone quiet - we can see teacup33's still here (waves) and there are actually two folk over on the 'welcome' thread here: - including George14 who's new.

    Do please feel free to pop over and say hello!
  • Hi EmilyB

    Hope you are well, I'm 14+5 today, got my 20 week scan on 5th January, and will be finding out the sex.

    Had a hospital appointment last we due to pre eclampsia in previous pregnancy, blood pressure is starting to be naughty already image Also got to have a scan of my kidneys due to a lot of blood in my urine, was really hoping for an easy straight forward pregnancy lol.

    Is this your 1st pregnancy EmilyB or do you have other children? xx

  • Hi both!

    teacup - it's my third pregnancy, and I have a five year old son. I hope the preeclampsia doesn't rear its ugly head for you, but I'm glad they're keeping a close eye on it. I don't think there's such thing as a straightforward pregnancy!

    Thanks EmmaMFM - I'll have a bit of a look. It's a very different forum to the one I used to live on five years ago!

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