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  • Congratulations kd3 💝

  • Congratulations jacks mommy 💝

  • its so exciting cant wait its nice to have this forum too to know we are all around the same weeks amazing 

  • Hi all hoping I can join here just found out I'm due august 5 can't tell anyone yet so thought I could chat on here 😊

  • A big hello and welcome to you, Rose29 - congratulations!

    And also to you, Jacks mommy - wow at your EDD being such a birthdaytastic time!

  • Hi HelenMFM

    thank you for the welcome it has come as a bit of a shock I have 4 already wasn't really planning anymore and I know it's early days but I'm just a bit excited 😝

  • congratulations everyone :)

    I have had my BFP for the past week or so but today I finally bit the bullet and did a CB digital which came up with those magical words so I am officially celebrating (without telling anyone apart from OH lol)

    Is anyone telling family members yet or are people waiting?

    Heres to a sober xmas and a happy healthy 9 months everyone :)

  • Hello everyone, congratulations to all💝💝 so happy to hear were on the same month, my on scheduled me on the fifth of Aug too..

    And yes once I saw my HPT I told everyone lolz actually it was my daughter whose so excited to tell granny and her dad about the news she almost fell the stairs lolz.. Shouting *I'm going to have a baby brother or sister, mommy is having a baby hey hey mommy is having a baby* she's so happy and she cried too lolz, she's more excited than me..

  • Nice to see that there is a growing group of us now! Welcome everyone!

    How is everyone doing?

    I'm still feeling pretty anxious that I might miscarry again, but so far all is good, and my symptoms feel different this time. I feel very sick and my boobs are very sore!! 

    I'm actually starting to feel quite down about how I look. Is anyone else? I'm only 7 weeks but already seem to have a bump showing, and I'm sure that's not normal!! 

    I've been unable to work for most of this year because of a back injury and so I put on a LOT of weight! I wonder if it's because I'm overweight that i'm showing? I am so happy to be pregnant and desperately hope for a happy and healthy baby, but I'm finding it tough that I am suddenly so big!! Eek! 

  • Ahhh welcome dazzyd! So have you decided to tell your family yet? I personally couldn't keep it in! Wishing you a great happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • image

    7weeks 💝 and the cardiac pulsation is strong at 122 beats per minute.. Here'smy baby's first picture 😘

  • aww Claire 10 that is precious i cant wait for mine on Tuesday. so nervous though 

  • The feelings that I felt when I heard the heartbeat was priceless tears started falling in my eyes..

    Don't worry too much everything will be ok, post yours too kd3 💝

  • Morning ladies I can't believe how sick I feel today it's really slowing down my day I don't remember feeling this bad with my others is anyone else suffering 

  • I do Rose29 I feel so sick and all and this is my 3rd, my first is now a 10 year old beautiful girl, my second were twins but lost them mc, and now my third and I don't feel good and the Dr said its just normal and I asked her why I did not felt this with my last two and she replied not all pregnancy are the same,

    Hope everything will be OK soon

  • Thanks Claire I've also had a full blow migraine last Thursday at least I could pass off the hugging of the toilet bowl was down to that we haven't told anyone yet so I'm designated driver for the parties that we can't get out of over Christmas lol he is very happy with being able to drink so told him that's his Christmas pressie and our little peanut of course 

  • Our toilet bowl is my best of friend lately lolz we can't be separated to each other lolz hope everything will be OK soon for us.. 

    Merry Christmas to all..

  • Am round about 7 weeks the doctors said, my first scan is the 27th of next month , this is my first baby👶💖

  • Hi all! recently just found out. So will be due August too! Previously had a missed mc earlier this year so just feeling scared right now. Hoping all will be ok this time. weird dreams and mood swings have already arrived! Its great to be able to chat to people going through same thing same time x

  • Claire.. the scan is amazing. How did u get an early one? I think I need one! 😊

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