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Two positive one negative

Hi I took two test yesterday which were first response both faint but positive so went out today and got a clear blue one which was digital and said not pregrant very confused help


  • Hi Natzy... Congrats! Digital tests are not quite as sensitive as regular dye tests so if you're very early on thats why you got a negative on that. But you can trust the first response so long as the line appeared within the time limit :)

  • Hello! 

    Congratulations! I did a serie's of pregnancy tests for made for mums this month- our second month of ttc.. my period was due today and I had to test 5 days before up to today. The first test I did was a first response I got a positive line straight away. The next two days I used first response and clear blue - positive of FR but not pregnant clear blue! I actually got pregnant 1-2 only 2 days before my period was due. 

    First response was the best test for me tbh a as it has shown positive all the way through! 

  • Hi thanks for the replys I am actually 8 days late now took other first response got postive clear blue again negative so think I will wait few more days and test again can't believe if I am or not yet as only came of the pill two months ago so first time trying all very new to me x

  • Hi last night I had cramps and started leaking blood now I am worried or is this normal for early pregrancy as I have only got to me 1 2 two weeks gone 

  • Hi natzy,

    how much are you bleeding? spotting can be very normal during early pregnancy. It is usually very light in amount and brown, if you are bleeding more heavily or the blood is red then i would get this checked out by your gp. They can do a blood pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant for sure & then assess whats going on with the bleeding. 

    Good luck & keep us posted

  • Hi I had what is called a chemical pregrancy???? so tried again this month and found out I am two weeks pregrant ???? very happy and still can't believe it got two postive on first response and pregrant on clear blue digital  

  • That is great news Natzy Pants, Congratulations! 

    You might want to pop over and join the brand spanking Due in 0ctober 2015 birth club, which you can find here:


    Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancy.

  • Congrats Natzy!

  • Hi ladies hope u are all well im so confused so today I took a test came bk with a faint line then a little later I took digital it said not pregnant im 2 days late and now so confused imageimageimage

  • Digital tests are not as sensitive... try testing in a few days with a pink dye and it should start to get darker! Good luck x

  • I had a faint line on a early result test but a negative on a digital.. please tell me if you see a line I need help!!image

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