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My daughter is being bullied

Can't believe I'm even writing this but my 5yo is being bullied by an older boy at school. She's complained for weeks that the older boys tease and wind her and some of her friends up at lunch, pushing the table in to her while she's eating and kicking the legs of her chair. A few days ago she came home upset saying one boy had called her a big fat willy. I had a word with her teacher and told her that she has been telling the dinner ladies about it and she assured me it would be dealt with abd told her to tell her if anything happens again. Year 1s have lunch with children up to year 4 so he must be 2 or 3 years older so 7 or 8 maybe 9. Today she has come out of school and told me that the same boy has punched her in the stomach! Apparently no one else saw it and she "forgot" to tell someone. I don't think she would lie about this so I totally believe her. I'm going to have another word with her teacher tomorrow but does anyone have any advice? I'm so bloody angry. X


  • Hey Hun, It is scary to think that you have had to write something like this especially as she's only 5 image My eldest is also 5 and we had a problem with a child her age (also a boy) who was picking on her and at one point cornered her.

    We tried speaking with teachers etc to be spun the line he has problems with his behaviour. In my eyes this was not acceptable. After weeks of tears and being given the company line I gave up and did something a lot of people would probably disagree with and it was a last resort. I told my dd to stand up for herself and next time he hurt her or said something nasty ask him to leave her alone and if he didn't push him away. This worked and she hasn't had a problem since. (I am not recommending this just sharing my story).

    The school she goes to also have a buddy system where the younger children have an older child they can go to. We also have a friendship spot where children can go and again older children help them find there friends or play with them.

    This may help you to get this horrible little boy identified and hopefully the school can get this resolved.

    See if you can get her to point him out to you or a teacher. I hope you get this sorted soon school should still be fun at her age. Sorry I can't be any more help. Xx
  • Hey hun well her teacher went out at break yest and she pointed him out, she had a word with him and he left her alone at lunch. So fx he leaves her alone next week. Nasty little sh1t x
  • Fx hope that's the end of it now. I was shocked at how nasty children can be especially that young. I Dred to think what they will be like when youngest starts school.

    Other than this incident hope your girls are doing ok. X
  • The way some children can become motivated to distress other children is quite alarming. It must be a mix of frustration, and release seeking behaviour. Where does it come from is a mystery to me. I use to feel the parents are playing out similar behaviour at home with each other and this possibly rubs of onto the child although even though a child they have choices, it could be an issue with authority and wanting to break rules.

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