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Bfn but really bad cramps and no blood! Af 6 days late

i am currently on cd37 was suppose to get it on cd31. I tested yesterday and got a bfn. Im not sure when I o'd tried to go with the "when it happens it'll happen"! The last time my cycle went as far as cd40 was 9 months ago when I stopped taking vitamin b6! I'm running to the bathroom every ten minutes to check! It really feels like I have it as if it's the day two cramps which is usually the worst day for me, but there's just no blood! Some cramps end up being gas! This is usually when I get excited to be let down but I can't help myself! If it's coMing I wish it would just come already! Is there still hope for me? 


  • I would really like if someone anyone who has still gotten a bfp after really bad af like cramping when af was due but never showEd would share

  • Today makes day 7 of af being late! Cramps are worst still feel as if I am on my period full blown but no blood not even spotting! DH and I danced early this morning could be why cramps are more intense ....but I feel a little relief when I pass gas (tmi sorry) my breast are sore all over now as oppose to the last three days where they were only sore on the sides! Has anyone had anything like this and stil got a bfp? 

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