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So tired of this....


DS has been waking for at least 6 weeks now, when he has slept through for 2 months before.

We have tried leaving him, settling him, putting him in our bed, giving him milk.... He does go back to sleep but I want him to sleep through!

Has anyone had similar and can explain why? HV suggested giving him water at night instead of milk. We tried this a few nights and he played holy hell. Tried upping his foods, all sorts... DS is 6.5months

Any suggestions?!


  • Hi NLW2012, I wish i could help but my little boy is nearly 9 months and still doesnt sleep through! However, I find he wakes up more often when he is teething. Is your DS showing any other signs? if so, maybe he is in discomfort at night and needs a little calpol/teething powder or a bit of teething gel? I hope you get it all sorted soon! x

  • Hi Babyarama

    DS has been showing signs since around 12w and Im sure I can see teeth below his gum (they look like to white grains of rice on the side) but still no joy

  • Its tough isn't it!? My DS used to sleep fantastically in the first few months but now wakes loads during the night and always wants a feed (out of habit!) to settle himself again. He is also going through a bit of a clingy phase at the moment (and has 4 teeth coming through!) which is making it harder to put him down for bed. My youngest DD was a nightmare for sleeping through..and we didn't manage it until last year and she is 2 and a half now! I really hope you have more luck! maybe try a little teething gel with your DS and see how it goes? x

  • I might give it a whirl and give him some when we go to bed and see if it helps. He tends to get upset with his teeth at night - Are they usually active in coming through at night rather than in the day?

  • LOs are more aware of the pain at night as they are not busy and distracted from it like they are during the day. bless them!

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