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An online gift list for a 3 yr olds birthday?! Really?!!

Hi, So today I received a pretty ridiculous invite for my youngest daughter who is 2, to attend a 3rd birthday party. firstly the envelope was filled with glittery sparkles that went EVERYWHERE when I opened it (and can still be found around my house).secondly there was 'girls to come in princess attire and boys as princes/knights' umm.My little girl doesn't do dressing as a princess (she kicked off royally when I suggested it!) and wants to go as a Knight (Mike the knight!)And to top it all off there is a link to a pretty hefty online gift list filled with all sorts of toys and clothes priced from £10.99-£39.99. I was left a little gob smacked! I always associated such lists with found it a bit cheeky! we don't know the child that well and I wasn't planning on spending so much (I always have a look about in the sales for really nice gifts that are also a bargain!). Do you think it would be ok to buy a gift not on the list but on the same themes as those mentioned, as that's what I'm planning to do, and has anyone else had similar invites? God! What happen to a good old fashioned kids birthday party! this whiffs a bit of a competitive mum!


  • I wouldn't even go as it's gona be one of those well my party was better than your party types. What happened to jelly and icecream and be happy with what you get? Setting themselves for a fall in the future too 

  • I know!! i'm not really sure I want to go..Heard the mum boasting about the 'amazing entertainment' they have lined up, blah, blah..

  • I have done dress themes for my daughters party as themes make it more fun to decorate and such so that would not bother me as it is most probably what the birthday child would love and i am sure if you contact them and say you would love to attend just your child isnt keen on dress up they will be fine with it..

    as for the birthday list i can see both sides i understand it would seem very odd and rude to have preset gifts but as a mother of a soon to be 6 year old having everyone around this time ask what is she into, what does she like, what size is she and such i would find a pre-done list a handy idea... it may be that the child has a certain thing they are are into and never bothers with much else and rather it be a list you much buy from its more of a guide to help you know more as to what the child is in to...i am also guessing the more pricey things are ment for family members that will be attending xx 

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