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How many months is my child old?

My child was born on 31.12.14. 

From the date each week i added one week age. So at the end of 14 weeks , she is 3 months old (each month 4 weeks) and 14 days old. But says that she is 3 months 8 days old ? Is it correct....How?


  • Months are not exactly 4 weeks long so you can count your babies age in weeks but for every 4 weeks you cannot count that as a month. Each month you add 1 month. So on 31st of each month (or the last day of the month as not all months have 31 days). So on 31st Jan your baby was 1 month old, on 28th Feb they were 2 months, on 31st March they were 3 months & on 30th April they will be 4 months old. So today is 21st April which means your baby is 3 months & 21 days (as there have been 21 days since 31st March.

    Hope that helps

  • One month is not exactly equal to 4 weeks. If you calculate 4 weeks is one month then there should 13 months as 52 weeks is one year. 

    Now your baby is 6 months 9 days old. 

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