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Conceiving after coming off the pill

Hi ladies!

So! I finished my birth control pack and had my regular withdrawal bleed on the 6th and lasted til that Friday the 10th. My hubby and I baby danced the 18th and 19th. Then again yesterday 25th. I started to bleed a few hours later yesterday (the 25th). We work opposite schedules and have a 2.5 yr old so finding time to baby dance has been hard. should I consider this bleed my first period? How do I start tracking? Could I be pregnant already? 

Thanks for the help!


  • If you had your withdrawal bleed and then bled again for your normal period duration thats is 5 - 7 days then that can be considered your first period ... it is unlikely to get pregnant so soon after leaving the pill but can happen as some people get pregnant on the pill .. usually gynos say it take a month to get the pill completely out of the system .. I would say after your last day of af start using opks so you can determine when you ovulate. Especially if its hard for you to make time this will ensure that you bd on the right time. 

  • you can also try using conception vitamins such as seven seas or pregna care .. personally I dint find success with pregnacare but some ladies on this forum found it successful to use seven seas 

  • So far I am on day 2 of my bleed after the normal withdrawal bleeding I get while on the brown pills. So I will see how long this lasts. What is an opks?

  • Are you and your hubby taking your vitamin's and I got pregnant before my first AF when I came of pill but ended in MC what are you going to use to track your O x

  • opks are ovulation predictor kits ..they are test strips that you can use to determine your possible day of ovulation you can google them to find out more

  • Thanks I'll look into the kit. I'm going to do the mucus testing bc I notice changes in that very easily. I also have an app on my phone i will use to track my new cycle 

  • Neither of us take vitamins lol but I'm going to pick up a prenatal vitamin today

  • Rright my hubby and I both do but were just worried of MC again good luck 

  • Good luck to you too! I almost miscarried my first so I am nervous I will be in th e same situation again.

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