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Help plz faint positive or Evap line? Am I loosing my mind?

Hi I'm on depo( habe only had the one initial shot) due for my next shot 5/30/15, but due to feeling all pregnancy symptoms I took a test, this faint line appeared and am not sure what to think about it, am I just scaring myself? I looked on line an said these tests are know for them. What do u think?


  • Looks positive to me, but I'd retest again just to be sure! Let us know how I get on, good luck image

  • It looks like a BFP to me congratulations xx


    Ok so I know I should have Waited a couple days to retest, but I have not beenbthebhealthiestbperson as far as eating and drinking water, in always on the go, I got on depo so this wouldn't happen to me, yesterday and the day before I had some very light brown discharge almost like a period but super light with a little cramping, took this test again and within seconds could see that same VERY faint line, i feel like I'm going crazy lol,while I am DEFINITELY not trying not want another child it would not be the end of the world if I am, just hate this in between feeling, just wish it would be either positive or negative 

  • It could be that u have seen an implantation bleed and bean is getting snug, I'd retest in a few days - give those levels a chance to double so u get a clear result x 

    I got neg on the Thursday,  the faintest + on the Saturday, spotted on Sunday and got a clearer + on Monday with fmu so re test in a day or too x

    It does look like a line tho so I wouldn't be surprised if you get your bfp x

  • Thank you, I'm going to retest in a few days with the first choice and not a blue dye test, 

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