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My 2nd Loss

I haven't done this before so here goes. In 2011 I unexpectedly fell pregnant and had a textbook pregnancy which resulted in my DS. In 2013  after only 1 month of actively trying I fell pregnant again. However at the 12 week scan they discovered our baby had too much fluid around it so I was sent for a cvs which showed our baby - a girl had full Edward's syndrome. The consultant advised a termination (which I had at 13 1/2 weeks) as she only had a 10% chance of getting to term and in the event if it wasn't a stillbirth would have survived minutes to hours. At our follow up appointment we were told that our blood tests showed it wasn't genetic just a fluke of nature and we had less than 1% chance of it happening again. So 18 months of trying later and the 3rd round of clomid I discovered 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant again. unfortunately yesterday at 7 weeks I had a miscarriage. I feel a bit of a failure that this is the second time my body has let me down and that I haven't been able to give my DS a sibling. 

I am not sure at the moment if I can try again but reading some of the inspirational threads on here have given me a little bit of comfort that I am not the only one going through this.

sorry for the long message - I think I felt I just needed to let it out.


  • Hi EarthAngel.

    I couldn't read your post and not reply. I am so sorry for your loss. what a terrible thing to go through. I can only imagine the pain you are going through right now. but please know you are not a failure. Unfortunately and I know no words help right now, but these things just happen and its not because of anything you have done. I had a mc a few weeks ago and it is very hard to accept that it just happened. when the time is right you will know if you are ready to try again. you just need to give yourself time to come to terms with what has happened and to grieve. Just know that you are not alone x

  • Hi Earthangel,

    We are so sorry to read of your losses, and can only imagine what a tough time of it you're having right now.

    Please don't apologise for the long message - this is exactly what MFM is for. Support, help, guidance or just making new friends.

    We thought we might point you in the direction of this thread - it's all women who've had a similar situation to you - they're a wonderful bunch who we're sure will be able to offer some insight.

    But please in the meantime, know this - you are not a failure - our bodies do this, and sometimes we simply don't know why. And remember, you carried your ds full term with no problems - who's to say that won't happen again.

  • Thank you sio39 for your kind words and sorry too for your loss. I guess you are right and time will tell if trying again is the right thing to do. It has helped reading these boards as i don't feel like it is just me. I think for now I need to step of the roller coaster of the last 18 months and try to start enjoying life again with DS for a while. 

    thank you too Danielle - I will definitely have a look at the other thread too. 

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