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Okay so, I was on the pill then stopped it to wait for my appointment which was two weeks away didn't think about it I wasn't even on the pill for two weeks but kept forgetting it. So made appointment for the shot.. 

Well I wasn't on my period getting it, my docot didn't say if I wasn't on my period it'll take a week to kick in. 

But I have had unprotected sex all the way before and after the shot . 

So so two days ago I had brown discharge, then yesterday I had pinkish red, thinking yay started well no, this morning absolutely NOTHING. I've had a migraine for 5 days on and off but it's horrible ! And I past two days lower back pains & some cramps here and there ! Please someone help. 


  • Have you taken a pregnancy test? the brownish discharge is a sign of early pregnancy!

  • So even though I had the pill stopped then shortly after they gave me a test said negative then they gave me the depo . I didn't have my period when getting the shot neither ????

  • What test is best 

  • Well my best friend went through the same thing that you are and when she started getting the brownish blood coming out of her I bought her a clear blue pregnancy test like I had taken when finding out I was pregnant because there is no way to misread them, they either say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" on them so that would be the test I would recommend

  • Well the test came up negative . I'm so stressed ugh. I had brown two days ago last night it was reddish/pink . Today absolutely nothing but cramping and lower back pains .

  • well there are a couple things that can make you have a false negative, that's why the 1st urine in the morning is the best because it's sat in your bladder. Were you drinking a lot of fluids to be able to take the test? that can dilute your urine and create a false negative or if it's too early for even a test to tell. I'd call your local health department or women's clinic; they'll typically see what's going on and do it for free.

  • Yeah cause I'm still spotting dark brown now -_-

    day one dark brown 

    day two reddis/pink

    day three (today) dark brown 

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