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Maternity Bump Bands

What are maternity bump bands for? 

Ive seen them when looking online at maternity clothes. Are they supposed to be supportive or are they for  incase your top is too small, something like that?

whatever their purpose- are they worth it?


  • I didn't use them but if your top is too short to go over bump or your trousers sit too low they basically cover you up. I just preferred to buy clothes that fitted as I'd not be comfy having something around my bump and think they look a bit daft.

  • I used mine so I could carry on wearing my normal trousers for longer, I could undo the button and pop the band over it, and it wouldn't show and they wouldn't fall down

  • I used one as I like my tops long, to go over my hips. It just extended them a little bit.

  • They're not supportive, they just fill any gap between top and trousers. I have some comfy maternity trousers that fall down lots and show my bum, so I wear a bump band over the top and it stops me flashing. The bump band just looks like a long top under the top I'm wearing over it. Or sometimes if I'm wearing a top that's maternity but not quite long enough it helps me know I'm not going to flash belly if I reach up to a high shelf. That kind of thing. I use mine quite a lot.

  • Ah ok - thanks ladies! Just wasn't sure what their purpose was. I hate tops that are too short so I might invest in one & see. Thanks all!

  • I really liked my bump band, just gave me an extra bit of confidence that I wasn't flashing anything!

  • I thought they were odd, bought a twin pack in a sale and have loved them. Some of my work blouses aren't long, or are slightly sheer so it prevents a gap showing. Depending what I'm wearing it can just help smooth the line you can see over my bump... if I'm wearing layers, like vest tucked in leggings, then band, then my top over that, it just looks a bit tidier in my view.

  • You could just get cheap stretchy vest tops and chop the top off them - I had a bump band that came free with some maternity leggings but a friend of mine did this and saved a fortune!

  • I just wore stretchy vest tops from Primark for £2 a couple of sizes bigger. They're nice and long.

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