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** Thursday 3rd tri **

Look this must be the earliest ever thread. Sleep is just not happening and baby is having a rave in there. Good job I have a quiet day tomorrow. I will post lampshade pics later too x x


  • Morning LP, sorry you've had a rubbish night. I've gone to bed at half 8 the last couple of nights, seem to have gone back to having no energy!

    Planning to make my Christmas cake today and do some much needed housework (due to lack of energy!) Then got midwife this afternoon for my 36w appointment.

    Hope everyone is ok xx

  • LP look forward to seeing the lampshade. I hope you can get a sleep later on.

    BE good luck with the cake and the midwife!

    Another early one here, I've been awake since quarter past 5 with baby D kicking lumps out of me but I was desperately trying to get my last 45mins of sleep before my alarm. Up and getting organised for work now. I also have a complete night owl LP so can sympathise with the active night baby. So tired this week and very glad it's Friday tomorrow, it can't come soon enough!x

  • Morning MDD, I think I've missed your move over here, great to see you in 3rd Tri :-)

  • Morning!

    LP- wow that is early! Hope you have chance to get some rest today.

    BE- Mmmmm christmas cake! :-P

    Enjoy the housework, ugh! Hope all goes well at MW appt.

    MDD- Hope today goes quickly for you at work and that tomorrow flies by that you can hopefully have a restful weekend! I live for the weekends!

    AFM- I had an OK nights sleep, I just struggle in the evenings to get comfy, what with the very mild SPD pains. I know a lot of people here have had far worse so I cannot complain! I'm fine generally during the day when I'm active at work, it's when I slow down in the evenings and try to rest and relax that the pain gets worse.

    Glad it's nearly the weekend! Looking forward to a lie in saturday ( not that it'll happen as I'll be wide awake from 6 no doubt)

    Not much else happening here, on countdown to finishing work, 22 days and counting! :-)

    Have a good day everyone and hi to all that follow :-)

  • LP - that's very early, I didn't have a great night either.

    Be - good luck at midwife and enjoy your baking.

    Md - neary Friday, hope your day goes quickly for you.

    Gemini - 22 days will fly!!

    AFM - 37+2 and very achy. Had a tiny bit of blood tinged cm yesterday but have had nothing since. Felt like baby was moving lower yesterday so spent time on my ball to help it out. Off to see my friends new puppy this morning and then more washing this afternoon. H got more baby stuff out the loft yesterday so feel like we are nearly ready now, just want to make sure the car seat cover is washed first.

    Hope everyone has good days x

  • Morning ladies!

    Lp- hope you get a nap later!

    Be - good luck with the midwife

    Mdd- I can almost see the weekend :)

    G- I'm also on the countdown! Except I'm not counting halftern so even less for me! 15 working days!!

  • Banzy - sorry I pressed sent too soon! I was getting excited about how much I remembered and forgot you and the me bit!

    Sounds very real for you now!

    I was given hip support belt yesterday as well as my back support I already had and a shiny pair of crutches. Ii totally look the part now! It made such a difference yesterday. Hopefully it will continue to do so today. Got my final antenatal class this afternoon... That should be fun!  

    Any ideas what are the rules for crutches and work?

  • Custard I think it would depend on the individual work places insurance policy. I know my place require a risk assessment and plan in the event of a fire. X x
  • Thanks. I'll see how I am moving about over the weekend anyway. Might have to give them a heads up about them before monday!

  • LP- I actually considered starting a thread at about 3.30am! Sorry you had a rubbish sleep but looking forward to seeing the lampshade.

    BE- Christmas cake and mw appointment sounds good, housework not so good!

    MissDD- its nearly weekend! Hope you have an easy day to help with the lack of sleep.

    Gemini- 22 days will fly by!

    Banzy- enjoy puppy cuddles! They're nearly on par with baby cuddles.

    Custard- sounds like you are all kitted out! Glad it seems to be helping.

  • Afm- had lovely baby cuddles yesterday. Baby is still a teeny 5lb 5oz and will be 5 weeks on Friday. Mental to know that I have one of those in my tummy!  Haha. He was an angel the whole time we were there but apparently turns into a little monkey at night time.

    Got nothing planned for today. Feel like I need to have a complete day of rest im between doing anything as bump gets too achey and needs a rest. Got some more hangers so sorted out more of baby's clothes yesterday.

  • Wow LP that is early, late pregnancy sleeping patterns are rubbish aren't they?

    BE - Christmas cake, good call - I can't stop baking at the moment so that would be a good next move for me I think! Something useful and time consuming!

    MDD - hope you're not too tired at work.

    Gemini - wow where is the time going, not long til finishing work now!

    Banzy - you sound ready to go! Enjoy puppy cuddles.

    Custard - I think the rule for crutches at work is "use them to hit any children that you've never really liked much anyway" ;)

    Sam - morning! What are you up to today?

    AFM - seeing the midwife this morning. Will be mentioning tingling hands and baby's fondness for my ribs! She will be checking to see if he's engaged but I hold out no hope for this due to the rib problem. I was going to go into town afterwards but remembered last night it's the teachers strike (bad timing, I am already off so benefit in no way whatsoever ;) ) so might not if it's going to be heaving. Need to do something as if I stay at home I just bake! In the last week I've made cheese biscuits, choc cherry cupcakes, butternut squash lasagne and choc coffee loaf cake. I think I have a problem.

  • Oh Sam just seen your update, a day of rest sounds good. I wonder if any of us live near each other, we could have DVD and blanket days before babies arrive haha.

  • Custard - glad the crutches are helping, not sure about the work question.

    Sam - the baby cuddles sound lovely, your turn next. Good idea on the relaxing day, get them in while you can x

    I dropped off at nanna's and about to put the beef casserole in the slow cooker, looking forward to coming back to the smell of that later!!

  • Sorry TT missed you there. Love the sound of all that baking, I wish you lived with me!! Good luck at the midwife today, let us know how you get on x

  • Morning! Wow this did have a n early start!

    LP- hope you manage to squeeze in a nap today!  Can't wait to see the lampshade!

    BE- yummy christmas cake!!! that should take priority over house working!

    missdeedee- i hope you have a chilled out weekend planed inorder to recover!

    Gemini- is there any sort or exercise/movement you can do whilst sitting on the sofa so that you keep moving whilst relaxing?!

    Banzy- I hope the ball bouncing is efective!

    Custard- im glad the physio has been ale to help, hope it continues to do so!

    Sam- how much did he weigh when he was born? that's so tiny!

    Tina- I see no problem with all that baking!!! :-)

    AFM-had a very active bump evening! still everytime I try to film it it stops! I managed to get one little kick on film!

    No plans for he next coupe of days but I have a few things to do. I have my 10% Mothercare voucher from their event evening so i might pop down there to get the some essentials like breast pads and maternity pads. I think i need to start stocking up on nappies too!

    Those that have got nappies already, have you bought a selection of brands to try out or just gone for one brand?

    I also have a few final bits to sort for my birthday party next week, order balloons, chase RSVPS, so I might do that tomorrow

  • MrsBass- he was just over 4lbs when he was born and dropped to 3lbs 15oz after birth. He was due the day before our baby but was at about 33 weeks. Made me really excited seeing him!

  • Sam- that is so tiny! So glad he is doing so well now! Our friends had their baby 2 months early do to pre-eclampsia and he is a sturdy 4 year old now running around causing mischief! Still remember the photos of him in his incubator with loads of wires attached and lieing in his dad's palm! Its amazing what tough cookies they are!

  • They are indeed tough cookies. Mum qas saying he seems really big to them because he has put on weight and all the babies they saw were prems. Think they will think ours is a monster when she arrives! Haha

    Well im finally dressed, wash on, house tidied. Just need to get the hoover out now which im putting off!

  • Morning all, sorry for lack of personals , but I've only just woken up after the dullest day ever at the logistics conference. (I wish, I too have a night kicker so sleep is a fond memory).

    Tina, I NEED that recipe for chocolate coffee  loaf cake, I am drooling!

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