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  • Oh my god, I am now a squash !

  • Oh LP, I hope you're not struggling too much today with tiredness. Definitely the award for the earliest thread!

    BE, good luck at the MW today. It was my 36 week appt where it hit me how close I was, as potentially I'd only see the MW once more if I'm on time!

    MDD, hope you have a quick and easy day today after your night time disturbances!

    Gemini, 22 days, woohooo! I think it's when you sit down in the evenings and stiffen up slightly and it makes the SPD worse. Hope it doesn't get any worse for you!

    Banzy, could be the start of your show, how exciting!

    Custard, hurrah for 15 days! Glad the crutches are helping - as for work, I think it varies from place to place. I used mine a couple of years ago at primary school when I tore all the ligaments in my ankle - I didn't have any kind of risk assessment, but maybe I should have done!

    Sam, glad you enjoyed baby cuddles! It must be very weird though seeing a baby that should have been born the same time as yours!

    Tina, I wish I had your baking problem. I feel desperate for some cupcakes but the thought of standing up for that length of time is not appealing!

  • All ive managed to do so far is get showered and dressed! A friend called to see if I wanted to meet up with her and her little ones so im going to meet them for lunch in a bit and pick her brains about nappies and breast pumps before heading to Mothercare!

  • Mrs Bass - my bump does that, kicks me to bits then stops if I try to film it or anyone else tries to feel it! Hubby has felt movement about 3 times in the whole pregnancy! As for nappies, we're going for cloth so we've got 8 x little lambs, 6 x totsbots stretchies, 3 x bumgenius freetime and a loads of hand-me-down motherease ones (but 10 years old so not their latest designs). We thought we'd get a few different brands as different ones will suit different shaped babies - my eldest nephew was very long and thin and I know this baby is going to be long (femur length 97th percentile!) so if nothing else I'm hoping the motherease will suit. We'll buy more in our favourite brands later. We're using disposables for the first week or so though to deal with the horrid meconium and newborn poo and we have pampers (as we had to buy them to get the free boots changing bag) and I think asda's little angels.

    MrsP, congratulations on being a squash Laugh

    AFM, I've had a couple of really good nights sleep but last night was back to the insomnia! I had loads of period-type cramps overnight as well but back to nothing today! Baby has definitely shifted though, I'm really struggling to walk as it's sat on a nerve and every time I put weight on my left leg it sort of gives way with a shooting pain. Different to the SPD and sciatica though, which is thankfully still not too bad. Come on baby, 5 days!

  • MrsP the loaf cake was from the Hummingbird Bakery book which I strongly recommend, it's amazing. Found the recipe reproduced on this blog here:

    Well midwife says baby is 4/5ths engaged. This is not enough for my liking and has made me feel pretty disheartened even though I know it's all good that everything is going in the right direction. It's just because I am so uncomfortable now that I am so miserable about it. I have carpal tunnel as suspected and she offered to refer me to physio but as it took 3 weeks last time it doesn't really seem worth it at this stage?

    Anyway - positives: bump is still measuring a week ahead but she predicts a baby of somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2lbs so that's not as gargantuan as I expected! Also I can now drop to 1 iron tablet a day which my digestive system will be thankful for.

  • Mrs bass - I've just bought 2 packs of pampers, we'll see how we get on with them.

    Mrs P - that's a lovely lay in!

    Mrs 50s - sounds like you won't be long, come on baby!!

    TT - definite positives there, and all moving in the right direction. Well done baby!!

    Back from my friends, her puppy is absolutely gorgeous!! Relaxing afternoon I think, although I have got to pop to tesco as H gas used all the milk. Think I might just get a couple of bits but then do an online big shop, pushing the trolley round is hard work now!

  • Just had midwife, baby is 1/5 engaged, no idea if this is good or not but I hope it is! They weren't happy with my wee though so got to take a sample into the Dr tomorrow. Also pointed out I hadn't had whooping cough so I popped into the surgery on the way home and they did it there and then!

    P.s Christmas cake now cooling and smells yum :-)

  • I had a lovely lunch with my friends and her 2 little ones and she she told me she is 10 weeks pregnant! Im so excited for her! The I had such a stressful shop! I had a voucher for mothercare so got my bed pads, breast pads, maternity pads, breast pump, but they only took the discount off one of the packs of pads so i had to go back in and caused a kerfuffle!

    The I went to boots with some of my parenting club vouchers which sent the self checkout mental and eventually got sorted with 2 members of staff on a normal till! By the time I left I hit the school run traffic! gggrrr!!! Home now with a brew so im happy!

    I stared at the nappy shelves for ages but was so confused (see other post!) but Mrs 50s Ive got the pampers from  getting the bag too and have heard great reviews about the Asda Little angels too. Think i'll get a mx of them!

    Do you think the cramps are Braxton Hicks?

    Tins that is a pain about the physio, did she not offer any alternatives for the meantime?

    Banzy- which size did you get?!

    All this talk of cake! I want some but can't be bothered to make any!

  • Mrs Bass - I thought I ordered a box of size 1 & 2 but when I looked at them to pack my hospital bag I noticed they are both size 2. After reading your other thread I think I might get a box of size 1's, the 2's might be too big to begin with.

  • Thanks for the link Tina x

  • Mrs Bass, I'm getting a few Braxton Hicks but not many this week (had loads last weekend, to the point that I started timing them as they were coming so often!) - the cramps are all lower and without the rock solidness across the bump that BHs brings. I've had a few more this evening though, so hopefully it won't be long! Cake date with the NCT girls tomorrow so looking forward to that, then I'm kind of hoping the full moon tomorrow will work its magic ;)

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