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*** Friday 1st tri ***

Morning ladies, I'll kick off today since I was too tired to pop on yesterday. Hope you've all had a good week. 

My assessment to prove I can do my job went well on Tuesdqy, no concerns, so now the only drama is the coroner's court hearing I have to go to in March. Going to the GP today on work's advice to see if they will do a letter saying I'll be 20 weeks pregnant and please don't put me under too much stress/pressure. Weds was the vile NHS scan I mentioned, but that's in the past now, and yesterday I was at work on a training day. Apparently by tonight I will know what work plan to do with me now  they know I'm pregnant.

My Doppler arrived yesterday and I eventually found baby's heartbeat. Still very very high, so will see what the clinic have to say about it when I have a follow up tomorrow. Meanwhile I've cut out all caffeine and am trying to keep hydrated to help.

Generally I'm planning a lazy day, and looking forward to tomorrow, when I have that appointment, and then in the evening going to the ballet with a friend and some of her friends, to see the all male Swan Lake.

Hope you all have a good day and nice weekend plans xx



  • Morning all

    BF - yey for finding baby's heartbeat, can be very hard the first time, a lot lower down than you probably expect.  What do you mean it's very high?  Hope you get your letter sorted, and work plans are what you want.  Enjoy your lazy day, and weekend - how lovely going to the ballet!

    I'm still ok, managed to only put on 1/2lb at slimming world yesterday - I'm not stressing about putting weight on yet, but I know I'll be getting a bit upset in a couple of months when it's going up.  

    C's said a funny thing last night when he was in the bath - he wants more family, so wants some people in my belly Laugh - he's mentioned a few things about what happens when babies are in bellies, him in particular and how he got out etc.  

    Fairly busy weekend, singing tonight and most of Sunday, and meeting a friend and her little girl on Saturday at soft play - will probably be manic, but lovely to see her and catch up.

  • Deedee, when I had my 12 week scan, the hb was 185 which is off the scale. Can be a marker for genetic probs, but I had no other markers and the consultant wasn't too concerned, but wanted to check again in a week's time. I was ill last week so thought it was my high temp causing it, but we just don't know. Instinct tells me baby is fine, so I'm not panicking, but I'd like the heart rate to be normal!

    That's very cute about C, by the way!

  • I see, can understand you might be worried about it although you're right not to panic as that would probably just make it worse.  C is very cute sometimes, always makes me laugh. x

  • *crash* good luck to Coco today for her scan

    Hi to all

  • Happy Friday people!

    BF - glad your assessment day went well. Have a lovely relaxing day! Very jealous of you going to the ballet - I've always wanted to go!

    DD - bless C thats so cute!

    AFM: well I found baby again last night with the doppler but they had moved from the day before! It was much harder to find this time as they were very close to something that had my heartbeat so only had to move it slightly! I've been sick loads this morning. Really didnt want to get out of bed and come to work. At least its Friday. Going round some friends tonight for dinner who we'll tell - not extremely close with them but they knew about the MMC, they dont know any of our other friends so I dont mind telling them. Then tomorrow we are travelling to my best friends in Wales and will tell her! So excited she'll be so happy for us. She knows our entire TTC journey so I'm really looking forwards to seeing her reaction :) I'll be knackered by the end of the weekend though!

  • Morning All,

    We'll I'm off work today. Have struggled on all week despite feeling rubbish and/or being sick before even leaving the house, plus we've had so many people off work with different things - flu, chest infection, runs etc it really has been insane.

    I felt bad this morning about not going in because didn't feel to bad to start with, but have just been violently sick all over the bathroom so am relieved to be at home! I shall mostly potter about doing chores/washing in between resting.

    Looking forward to our scan which is a week on Monday, I did read on my App that morning sickness can increase week 10 which has happened for me.

    How's everyone else getting on?

    Alipops x    

  • Morning ladies

    BF - enjoy your lazy day

    Deedee - sound like C has a sixth sense! Or does he know? Either way he is going to be happy to have a little brother or sister :)

    Browny - Will be lovely to tell your friend :) hope you are feeling better as day goes on

    AFM - Was sick this morning but had a bacon bap when I got in and its helped me loads! Just found out our local mothercare is closing down which is really sad :( closest one will be 50 mins away but we have FOUR baby presents to buy so we will hopefully get really nice things at good value for them.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Quick question, can someone tell me when we move to 2nd tri? Is it 13+3? Different websites give me different answers. Feels VERY scary being about to leave 1st tri, since it seems I've been here forever, first with my first pregnancy that ended in mc, then back shortly afterwards with this one. Can't believe I may actually make it a stage further!!

  • Alipops - don't feel bad about being home, you need to look after yourself and your baby! I feel for you - I hope things settle down soon. My sickness hasn't been as bad the past few days, but hope I haven't jinxed myself!

    SaSaSi - lucky you having a bacon bap! Seen as my breakfast pretty much all came back up I had a Nutrigrain breakfast bake when I got to work - they are really nice!

    BF - Not sure exactly, I think some people go 13+3, as thats a third of 40 weeks, others go at 14 weeks as thats a third of 42 weeks. Up to you! x

  • Browny - sounds like a lovely weekend planned, hope you have great time, and don't feel too sick

    Alipops - I think you're doing the right things staying at home, hope you get lots of rest and feel better later Hug

    SaSaSi - no, he doesn't know!  I want to wait until after the 12 week scan before telling him so that we know everything is ok - can't wait to tell him Smile  Mmm, bacon bap sounds lovely!  Such a shame m/care is closing near you, although I didn't really buy much from there last time, everywhere else seems to sell what you need.

    BF - people move anytime between 13 and 14 weeks really, so it's up to when you feel comfortable x

  • Thanks ladies, I think I'll stay here as long as possible! 2nd tri seems a very long period of time as it is. I think because we only tend to join here at 4 weeks so it's only 9 weeks ish here, then 13-14 weeks in 2nd tri. 3rd can be shorter with early births, so 2nd is a marathon.

  • Thats true BF hadnt thought of it like that! I did think I'd want to go to second tri asap as its such an achievement to get there, but I guess you are there a long time!

    Still havent got my scan date through yet, and I'll be 11 weeks on Monday. Think I'll wait until Monday and if I havent heard anything by then I'll ring them.


  • That's a good point BF!  Last time I moved to the next tri each time as soon as possible, but I'm going to hang back a bit this time.

    Browny - I think I'd ring them today, save you worrying about it over the weekend.

  • Just Quickly as waiting for my bloods but scan was perfect, baby obliged and been moved on 4 days, so 13wks and due 15th August. Over the moon! Thanks for thinking of my joining you in a few days :-) Hope everyone is ok x

  • Great news Coco! :) xxx

  • just popped on to see your update coco- im so happy for you ! you can move to the 2nd tri now ! will you be doing a FB update?

  • Fab news Coco, so pleased all is well Smile

  • Lovely news Coco, come and join us on 2nd tri! :)

  • Wonderful news Coco!!

  • Great news coco! Looking forward to seeing you in second tri! :)

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